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Unstable Android BLE connect

Hi, I updated the Orba's firmware to the latest and I'm trying to use orba as a midi controller for FL Studio Mobile on Android. The only way I managed to make FL see the Orba is to open both apps, then connect, disconnect, connect again and switch to FL while the Orba app is completing the second connection attempt. Then FL gets the midi signals fine, beside an A3 note on that is sent randomly. Where does that note on comes from? I tried gestures, but it seems just random... Then the BLE connection suddenly dies and I need to do the connect, disconnect, connect dance again. Is the unstable connection and random note on signals known issues? I'm a software developer myself, so if you need me to try something advanced, I'm happy to help.
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I too am attempting to use Orba as a controller for FLS Mobile.  I tried the template on FL Studio Desktop and it looks pretty good.  Just wondering if there is a template of FLS Mobile?

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