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Does the Instrument 1 need to "break in"?

I just got my Instrument 1, so this might be a question of not having enough practice yet

I get the same problem...
So far the Instrument 1 is absolutely fantastic, but the fretless+slide feature doesn't seem to work.
I don't know if it's a firmware update thing, but I hope it gets fixed soon.

Please let us know!

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Wanted to check in about this!

Can we please have a response from Artiphon?

I just received my I1, purchased from Bax Music in Spain, and speaking of breaking in, I noticed that the sensor pads for the 6th string have noticeably less sensitivity to touch compared with the other string sensors. In fact I have to really slam my fingers down, and even then the higher notes don''t always sound.

Is this a common issue, and is it just a matter of playing it in, or is my I1 defective?

For the moment I've only had time to try it with the Artiphon app on my iPad Pro. 

I have adjusted all the relevant settings in the app, and the other string sensors seem to react very differently, so the problem is specifically with the 6th string sensors. 

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I've got exactly the same problem with that Fret which made me sign up to the forum. It's much harder to trigger than others. Unfortunately I'm also finding the string triggers to be inconsistent. Using a pick helps but as a bass player I was really hoping to use my fingers. I'll get more accurate with time but the fret issue and inconsistencies in attack have me worried.
I'd suggest opening a support ticket with Artiphon if you haven't already done so, particularly if you're getting the same behaviour in tap mode; they'll normally then do a video call with you to see whether it's a fault with your I1, as it rather sounds as if it is. (This does seem to be a specific issue with some units; presumably a single defective sensor.)

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Just filed, thanks for the advice Nick!

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