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Orba hacking knowledge base

This thread is intended to gather the feedback of Orba tinkerers.

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Orba presets can be found under the paths


C:\Users\[user account]\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba\Presets



 Presets are XML files, where a bunch of undocumented (at least for now) parameters drive the synth engine. e.g.

<SynthPatch mode="Bass" synthMode="0" octave="255" osc1Multiplier="2" osc1Detune="0"
                osc1Mix="255" osc2Multiplier="3" osc2Detune="1" osc2Mix="170"
                ringMod="255" noiseMix="56" osc1Vibrato="1" osc2Vibrato="1" osc1Ramp1Start="108"
                osc1Ramp1End="207" osc1Ramp1Time="70" osc1Ramp2Start="162" osc1Ramp2End="255"
                osc1Ramp2Time="107" osc1Ramp3Start="192" osc1Ramp3End="131" osc1Ramp3Time="40"
                osc2Ramp1Start="120" osc2Ramp1End="0" osc2Ramp1Time="36" osc2Ramp2Start="108"
                osc2Ramp2End="255" osc2Ramp2Time="93" osc2Ramp3Start="37" osc2Ramp3End="0"
                osc2Ramp3Time="14" ampEnvAttack="1" ampEnvPeakVelocity="53" ampEnvDecay="95"
                ampEnvSustain="118" ampEnvSustainVelocity="65" ampEnvRelease="27"
                ampEnvReleaseVelocity="0" filterEnvAttack="1" filterEnvPeakVelocity="113"
                filterEnvDecay="83" filterEnvSustain="112" filterEnvSustainVelocity="147"
                filterEnvRelease="25" filterEnvReleaseVelocity="0" wgMode="0"
                wgPitch="1" wgRegeneration="203" wgDampOnHold="251" wgDampOnRelease="228"
                wgMixBack="0" wgMixForward="0" wgLFOMod="0" filterMode="0" filterCutoff="0"
                filterCutoffKey="0" filterCutoffEnv="49" filterResonance="67"
                lfoRate="156" outputLevel="10" reverbLevel="0" effectSelect="0"
                effectDepth="0" effectParam1="0" effectParam2="0" modSource1_1Destination="0"
                modSource1_1Weight="1" modSource1_2Destination="0" modSource1_2Weight="0"
                modSource1_3Destination="0" modSource1_3Weight="0" modSource2_1Destination="9"
                modSource2_1Weight="13" modSource2_2Destination="8" modSource2_2Weight="41"
                modSource2_3Destination="0" modSource2_3Weight="13" modSource3_1Destination="0"
                modSource3_1Weight="16" modSource3_2Destination="1" modSource3_2Weight="24"
                modSource3_3Destination="5" modSource3_3Weight="6" modSource4_1Destination="0"
                modSource4_1Weight="18" modSource4_2Destination="5" modSource4_2Weight="11"
                modSource4_3Destination="0" modSource4_3Weight="0" delayLevel="10"/>

Once created a copy of a default preset, you can fiddle with these parameters and create new sounds. [Try at your own risk. The function and the range of those parameters is unknown a priori, so try only if you really think you know what you are doing]

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Any preset can be turned into its diatonic version by replacing the TuningEntry as follows

<TuningEntry key="C" name="Major" intervals="P1, M2, M3, P4, P5, M6, M7, P8"
               midiOctave="3" transpositionType="RetainNotes" type="tonal" tuning="60, 62, 64, 65, 67, 69, 71, 72"/>


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Preset images are loaded as Base64 encoding of the image; if you copy the string and paste it here (, you'll get back your image. 

So if you want to add a custom image, you need to follow the inverse process (

I have not tried yet though... not sure what's coverImageHash

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When you copy a preset into Orba folders it will be loaded immediately and visualised in the Orba app.

However, once copied there, @Sam realised that it won't pick up any further change.

To force the app to reload the preset (and the latest changes), it suffice to rename the preset file.

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One thing I think I have noted is that altering the "WG" parameters will alter the character of the sound in general as well as on Tilt. wgMixBack="0" wgMixForward="0"are places I have found some interesting effects. 

What I want to get more info on and experiment with is the ModSource area. this seems doable but I have not gotten any useful results as of yet.

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@ Sam - Nice! What range of values did you try for wgMixBack="0" wgMixForward="0"? And what values gave interesting results? I tried ="1" but did not hear any dfference. 

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1-255 works here for both. I like around 100 for back, that will be noticeable.

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I've been tinkering with the drum presets and made a mix of the standard presets:

Orba (03 05), Bedroom (01 02), Boomy Booms (04), Cartridge (06 07), Eyes Closed (08 Bump).


Maybe it can already be read somewhere, if not you will find it here:

1 = DrumPatch 1 (index = "0")

2 = DrumPatch 2 (index = "1")

3 = CymbalPatch 1 (index = "0")

4 = CymbalPatch 2 (index = "1")

5 = DrumPatch 4 (index = "3")

6 = DrumPatch 5 (index = "4")

7 = CymbalPatch 3 (index = "2")

8 = ShakerPatch

Bump = DrumPatch 3 (index = "2")

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Documentation of the XML and/or a side App to allow us to export/import presets would be VERY NICE!

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Did anyone tinkered yes with the "" file? 

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Nope. Neither I have checked its content.

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are presets also "reachable" in android filesystem (without root) or are they only in "private storage"?

Never tried. There is no documentation about this, as far as I know.

I don't have root permits either ATM, so I haven't tried.

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Many thanks to everyone for all the tips and very cool presets!!!

Especially like Andrea's note re. diatonic tuning any preset. Very fun!

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