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Order never received

I ordered the Orba on October 3rd of 2020. It is now November 23rd and I haven't received anything not even an email saying that it has shipped! Can someone please help me?

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Hi Support I ordered Oct 13th...Any idea when my orba will arrive?
Hello, I ordered my Orba on October 4th and I still haven't heard anything about shipping. I'm hoping it will arrive before christmas.
Same, ordered my Orba Oct 24. I would like to at least get an email that my order wasn't forgotten about and will still get here by Christmas. Thats why I ordered it so early. THANKS.
Same here, I ordered one Oct 15 and I’m still waiting.

Ordered in Jan and not received...

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According to you lates statement you mention that shipping to Denmark is on the way. I am backer 2302 and I did not receive and information about shipping. Please provide me with my tracking number!?

Hi all,

We're working to fulfill all orders as fast as we can, though certainly acknowledge that things are taking longer than we'd like at this stage. The most effective way to get updates on your orders is by emailing our Support Team at Please include your order number and the email address you used to place the order. Kickstarter backers should include their pledge number and the email address they used to make their pledge. We work to respond to all inquiries within in 48hrs so you should hear back from us soon.


Search results for "I back this on Kickstarter quite some time ago and am still waiting fo receive mine. I see I can purchase one today and get it bt 12/21. I believe I purchased one of these a verylongtimeago. CanI ever ex[pect to receive one?"

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I ordered my Orba July 21st and still haven’t received an email. They’re offering holiday deals and promising to people that they’re going to ship within two weeks when if they order before 12/7 but they’re not able to send my Orba that was ordered over 6 months ago. I don’t understand.

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I backed Orba on kickstarter early Jan'20 from India. Have no clue on delivery of the product after 11months of wait.

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Moi non plus je n'ai toujours rien reçu et j'ai commandé le 13/01/2020

我的支持者編號為5745 我一年前贊助了 ORBA 直到現在仍然沒有拿到 ORBA

Hey there! Send us an email so we can check on specific shipments, and make sure you check out our Backer Updates for any updated information.

Where is my order ?

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