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Order never received

I ordered the Orba on October 3rd of 2020. It is now November 23rd and I haven't received anything not even an email saying that it has shipped! Can someone please help me?

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Got a mail there to say a number of us have received our orders - I haven't, has anyone?!?

Hi all,

Our support team has been working through this thread and have since reached out to each of you individually via email. Things continue to move along through the system, and it appears that a number of your orders have since been delivered. Any remaining orders are continuing to work their way through our fulfillment provider's system and should have tracking numbers associated with them soon.

If you have any further questions about the status of your order, please reach out to us via email at We're unable to reply to individual posts on this thread so contacting us via email is the cleanest way for us to address your unique order status.


Jeremy obviously doesn't want us publicly bad mouthing the company. Seems a bit late for that.

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Jeremy's mail is generic and doesn't specifically address my question of non delivery of Orba after ONE YEAR of backing this project. Mails to them get automated reverts and no answer.
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