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Black Powder Coming Out When I Played

I just got my Instrument 1 and I wondered if I am the only one having this problem. After playing with it for a while, I noticed that there are black powder coming out from the bridge.

You can see in the attached images that even my finger got darken after playing it.

Is it typical for a new Instrument 1? Would it go away?

(2.37 MB)
(2.56 MB)

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I observe the same problem after just 3 days, however not as bad as on your pictures. It's because the rubber nobs of the bridge wear off. I wonder how long those will last and if they can be replaced?!

Hi there. On some occasions, we've seen that the rubber can dry out and get flakey. In this case, we recommend using mineral oil from a lint-free cloth to help keep it from drying out. 

Hi ! First I would like to congratulate the company and the functionality of the products, they are equipment that came to make a difference in the professional music market. I bought an Orba and an instrument 1 in Orlando last month, from which I'm just over a week away using these products. Due to the short period of use, I have noticed that the rubber scale of the instrument one, at the points of greatest tension, is having little damage to the rubberized material. Time is very short, because of what is happening (I have well-trimmed nails), just because of the pressure exerted. I would like to know if there is a product for better conservation, or in the case of major damage, if there is replacement, as the product is very good to be so fragile. Thank you very much!
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