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Orba paid for and backed on KS in Nov 19. Not received.

Orba pledge confirmation # 3c3a417786179171fda46b6fbac05796. I’ve not received any tracking info or any other info about my orba. Can I please get an update on when I can expect to receive this?

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I did receive tracking info this November after backing two in January but it doesn't seem to contain contemporary information. 

@Rolf: Same thing here. I’m in Sweden (as I suspect you are too). The tracking number isn’t registered with PostNord. Could be the package is stuck in customs?

Yeah I am. Support answered me though very nicely that it's packed and ready to ship from Hong Kong once they have enough in the batch ready. So I'll wait a while more.

Good news! By spring we will be Orbaing even in Sweden!
I, too , have not received mine!!!!!

Backed on January 7th (Belgium)

No delivery nor tracking number until now.

I hope to be able to Orba soon!

I paid for a regular (non-KS) Orba in October and haven't seen it yet. If they aren't shipping, they should stop accepting orders. 

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