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SWAM Brass iOS public beta

Audio Modeling have just opened the beta on their standalone/AUv3 brass apps to anyone who owns, or (ahem) claims to own an existing SWAM product, which can include the free SWAM viola that comes with ROLI Noise, or any of the GeoShred SWAM IAPs. They don't check, though, so you can enter anything you like on the form. The five instruments available (as separate TestFlight apps) are trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor trombone, French horn, and Tuba; because they're modelled, they have a small footprint and there's no reason not to install the lot. 

Quite apart from the fact that this is basically five free stunning SWAM instruments for 81 days, it's also our civic duty to test the hell out of them with the I1, which on the evidence of the GeoSWAM instruments is the controller they were born to be played with. I do urge everyone reading this to sign up; Audio Modeling are by a country astronomical unit the leaders in natural instrument emulation for MPE controllers, and if you have an I1 in your you would be certifiably gagawibble not to jump at this opportunity. (Orba people should also seriously consider this, because one of the things we're asked to test is BLE MIDI control.)

The SWAM Brass instruments are now available in the iOS app store at a third-off introductory offer. As expected, they're not cheap by iOS standards ($19.99 for each of the 15 instruments, rising to $29.99 after 22 February, and some of the advanced desktop features will need a further IAP), though there are $79.99 bundles of five instruments each (trumpets, trombones, horns & tubas). But these are the absolute top of the range for MPE instruments and what your I1 was made for, and if you're not quite ready to bankrupt yourself there are always the SWAM strings & woodwinds in GeoShred IAPs for $14.99 each, which aren't as tweakable but have pitch rounding. The cello is currently on sale ($9.99).

A couple more days to run on the intro sale. Beware of the bundles, which get very tempting after you've purchased two instruments individually (I got the Trumpet and Flugelhorn) and then you think, ooh, only $40.02 to Complete My Bundle with three very similar instruments in slightly different keys. The trombones and horns seem to be highest in the App Store charts, but for I1 use I like the melodic punch of the trumpets. They come with a number of hardware controller MIDI presets, though disappointingly the I1 isn't one of them.

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