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Orba app version 0.14.27 is available now

Orba App version 0.14.27


• Orba can now connect to Android devices using a USB cable.

• Added switch to select USB or Bluetooth LE Midi connection

• Orba can now connect to the Orba app on a Mac using Bluetooth LE MIDI.


• Fixed a bug where could get corrupted and prevent song key and tempo editing.

• Windows app will disable openGL if it is too old instead of showing a black screen


Android only
• Some third party music apps may not recognize Orba’s four MIDI input ports on USB.

macOS 11 Big Sur only
• Please do not perform Orba firmware updates with MacOS 11 Big Sur. Some driver issues will lead to Bluetooth not working anymore.

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Can someone please clarify which platforms this app update is applicable to? I’m assuming it’s for all, but when I go into the App Store on my iPhone I still see version 0.14.21. I know sometimes it takes a day or so to roll out to all App Store markets around the world, but it’s been a few days now and no sign of it. Artiphon can you please roll it out to the Australian store? cheers, Ian

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"Please do not perform Orba firmware updates with MacOS 11 Big Sur. Some driver issues will lead to Bluetooth not working anymore."

So should firmware updates be applied with an (iOS) app?

I am a little confused. Is this a joke or does Artiphon mean this seriously? Is this the long-awaited mother of all updates?

Is the Bluetooth connection stable under Android now? Did we only get a switch so that we can choose between something that doesn't work and something we don't need if the Windows app just works?

When will we finally get a working Android and Windows app with the ability to load, export and save songs?

Sorry for not applauding right away ...

Firmware update with Mac or Windows are fine except with macOS 11 Big Sur. macOS Big Sur introduced some restrictions that keep our updater from working properly. We are working on a solution.

When are you planning to reinstate the ability to save our songs?  Without this the Orba is just a novelty.  Why was Android USB connectivity deemed more important than Bluetooth stability or the ability to save songs?  Seriously disappointed in your priorities and delivery timelines. 

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Please, Artiphon, read the topics on your Forums! Quote: good device, poor software 

The Android beta app is out for months now. It was barely functional to begin with. And it even got worse. There is no way to make a stable Bluetooth connection and no way to save, load and export songs. This is a basic function.

The same goes for the Windows app: from bad to worse.

If Artiphon cannot provide decent software upon launch of a new product it should not launch the product at all ... Artiphon, you have had your time. And plenty of it.

So, please, be reasonable and release every info and specs to the public domain (as asked by others too). Others can surely do a better and faster job.

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Hi, we are reading everything on this forum. The song saving issue has turned out to be much more complex than expected and we had to redo the entire communications protocol. During that time it was not adding any time to add usb for Android since different team members work on different parts and it was urgent to get Android users a way to use the app. In meantime some major macOS Big Sur issues came up as well as the iOS 14.2 Bluetooth issue. While we can not promise any specific dates, we are pretty far along with the new communications protocol.

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@Arne - Thank you for your explanation.

I understand that Artiphon does not promise a date if it cannot. But Artiphon also understands that you cannot keep customers waiting forever for Plan A. 

Therefore, I propose you set a deadline. If the main problems are not solved at that time, Artiphon will reveal all the info and specs, so others can give it a try.

And in the meantime: please read less and code more ;-)

@arne thanks! I understand and will be patient. Meanwhile enjoying the Orba a lot. Thanks for your dedication and efforts.

  Een goed nieuwjaar!

Hi @arne,

Unfortunately, I did update the Orba firmware with Big Sur before seeing this post. I use both my mac and my iPhone to connect the Orba. But here are my current issues:

1. Mac no longer recognizes the Orba when connected via cable. 

2. iPhone does connect via Bluetooth; however, I can't upload new sounds to the Orba. It occasionaly shows in the App UI that a new sound is loaded but it never changes. 

Appreciate any help. I can install the Orba app on a PC and connect via cable. 


Hi Doug, we will release an app version shortly that fixes the firmware updating issue with macOS Big Sur. In the meantime you can also get the Bluetooth on this Orba back to work by using another, non Big Sur computer and do another firmware restore. Clicking on the cloud symbol next to “firmware update” while holding the shift key forces a firmware restore.

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@arne - I installed Orba on my Windows laptop. When I plug in Orba through the USB cable and open the Orba app (on the computer) it doesn't show the device is connected. I also made sure 'bluetooth' showed not connected in the iPhone app and closed the app on my phone. 

It could be that Bluetooth is selected in the settings instead of USB. If it still doesn’t work please contact so that the customer service team can take a closer look.

Just updated Windows App to .14.28.  I assume Saving the song is still disabled?  Updated firmware and installed latest android app also.  Use on a Samsung Note 10+.  USB is stable, but the phone will not even pair to the Orba.  So far I like the instrument but is is basically useless until we can save material.  Two priorities as I see it now.

1. Get Bluetooth sorted out, USB cables work but the appeal of this device is its portability

2.  With out the ability to save material, this device is a novelty at best.  

You have a good product, but poor applications.

Would also like to see the ability to edit scales and chords.

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