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Fingerboard lube

What lubricant would be unharmful to the fingerboard of I1? Tips on using/cleaning also requested!


I use coconut oil for the lubricant, and finger sweat for cleaning…

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Thanks, Nick. I'll keep that in mind.

I had this same question. I used to make string lubricant for my fretless bass.
Coconut does sound like a great choice actually. Macadamia as a 2nd choice perhaps. You can find coconut at hair salon suppliers.

I might want to wrap the A1 in saran wrap first though until I can research what oils might decay the rubber.

Has anyone tried using lubricant on the buttons for strumming? Alternating down and upstrokes are pretty easy with the side of the thumb, but cause massive friction. I kept developing large callouses and then playing them back off. Haven't found thumb protectors that work well yet.

We've had success using mineral oil from a lint-free cloth to help keep it from drying out. 

IF there is an update to instrument 1 it would be great to have "strings" with less friction to make slide useful...

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