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Is there a more active AI1 forum?

Seems pretty slow here. N00b incoming.

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You should see the ROLI forums… But the (necessary) move from the old community-focussed Discourse forum (which is still available in archived form, and a fantastic trove of tips and experiences) to the current more helpdesk-shaped Freshdesk forum does seem to have left a lot of the original gang behind. Even the Orba community has found their Facebook group more congenial for day-to-day sharing and interaction. There are a fair few I1 users on the insanely busy Audiobus forum, but that's specifically iOS-focussed – so masses of discussion of the iOS SWAM revolution, but only low murmurs about Ableton 11 or Equator 2, which are the other really major things for I1 users this season.

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