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Bridge velocity sensitivity

Hi, I've recently started playing with I1 and I love it for the most part. I wish the best for the company and I'd love to see more updates hopefully an updated instrument as well in the future. This is exactly what I've needed for so long!!

That said, my bridge seems to be able to reliably produce velocity values in the range of 15-20 at best. With method sensitivity set to medium, I get 60 at the very lightest trigger and 70 something at a hard pluck, and somewhere in the 90s if I pluck it really really hard. Sometimes I get a 120 something randomly if I go nuts. I'm using very tightened velocity curve to get the most expression out of it, but it would be great if I can fully utilize the 127 velocity range, or at least close to it. Is this a normal behaviour? Any way to improve the available range?

Thank you!

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