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Guitar strum on orba

Hw can i use orba to strum through the air to trigger a guitar vst instrument?

My DAW is Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10

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I would like to see a Chord Strum feature in general for controllin midi devices and synths inside the daw. Of course you can edit the midi data later on, but it would be another type of play feel hearing the strumming while playing the chords.

I know strumming is one of the big deals of the instrument 1 but it would be nice if this can be added to the orba as well. Or is it already there?

This is interesting, but I think the Orba is kind of an awkward strumming interface, especially holding it in a way that makes selecting the chords easy while moving it in a strumming motion. It pretty muc takes two hands when you're holding it in the air as opposed to playing it on a flat surface.

Maybe one just could add a strum mode where chords get automatically strummed when pressed. This is not as intuitive and individual as a eal movement, but better then editing it later on in the piano roll of your daw... plus it would still be usable for standalon users.

Basically this would just be a kinda small software update.

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