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Orba firmware 0.14.11 and Orba app 0.14.28 are available

Download version 0.14.28 of the app:
macOS | Windows | iOS | Android


Firmware 0.14.11 now available
A new firmware update is available. This updates enables many of the following features and improves Orba's stability. To update Orba's firmware, please connect to Mac or Windows computer using a USB cable, open the Orba app, available here:

and click on the cloud symbol next to "firmware update" in the settings.

iOS 14.3 and Bluetooth
Apple's release of iOS 14.3 fixes an issue with Bluetooth connections affecting devices running iOS 14.2. Be sure to update to the current version of iOS to ensure Bluetooth stability.

macOS 11 Big Sur firmware updates are fixed

Orba app 0.14.28 and firmware 0.14.11 fix previous firmware updating issues.


USB for Android Devices
As we move forward with developing the Orba Beta Android app, we've enabled the use of USB-C cables to connect to your device. You can still connect via Bluetooth to your Android device, but we wanted to provide a more stable, cabled connection as well. To connect via USB, scroll down to the bottom of the settings menu to "Orba Connection" and select USB.

Bluetooth on macOS
We have now re-enabled the Bluetooth connection to the Orba app on Mac computers. To connect to Mac, click the Orba icon in the upper right corner of the app. Happy wireless playing!

And More!

• New toggle in the Settings menu for macOS and Windows to select USB or Bluetooth LE MIDI connection

• New “Mobile Midi Mode” toggle to allow USB MIDI compatibility with Android. This mode shows only one MIDI input port for Orba instead of separate ports for Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead. Requires firmware 0.14.11

• Ability to dismiss the “Firmware Update Required” pop-up

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Thanks, so far so good updated on macOS 11.1 Big Sur, and thinks do work!

Happy Twentytwentyone!

Hello happy 2021. I just updated my Orba with my Mac Mojave and the bluetooth seems to work much better with Ableton. Thanks!

Update with my Mac High Sierra. It said updated error, after I re-plug the usb again, the firmware version is the newest one.  

Almost everything is fine, but the pitch bend is gone....  (I've tried the 25, 50, 100 pitch scaling, not working)

Very disappointing again, this 'update'. In summary: you can now choose even more stable within the limited options.


- no options to save or load songs

- no information about other suggestions on this forum

- no information about a timeline of the updates.

Artiphon, I improved your year with my purchase. I have not bought a wired midi controller. I bought a standalone instrument. It's been your turn to make it functional for far too long.

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Like others on this thread, I am grateful for the fact that Bluetooth connection now seems more stable, but I am increasingly frustrated by the length of time it’s taking Artiphon to reintroduce the save feature.  Surely a company that can design such a great bit of kit can manage to sort a software bug in a few weeks!  Without being able to save songs, the Orba is nothing more that an overpriced toy!  This is beginning to smack of a complete lack of customer care (i.e. "we’ve got your money now, so why bother!")

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Is there a planned future firmware update to make the shaker not sound like distorted static? 

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With the new firmware I now have to unplug the device every time I change the preset, in order to hear it. WTF

and still:

- no options to save or load songs

- no information about other suggestions on this forum

- no information about a timeline of the updates.

Thank you very much Artiphon!

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Just Downloaded App for Windows and Android 0.14.30 and new firmware.

So to Support GJ, Still not load or save feature.  Hmpf!

I did not realize I was purchasing a product in the beginning stages of development!  I would have paid you a greatly reduced sum of $$ for the hardware and gladly assisted you in the beta process.  This small detail is left out of you promotional materials.  How can all these artists be promoting a product that they cannot use.  I am a professional musician and teacher.  I was looking for innovative new devices that can interface with the human for music creation.  

The Orba hardware has SO MANY POSSIBILITES!  

- User generated scales

- access to the sound generation settings

- Key and Tonality 

- save multiple songs with the ability to construct multiple "songs" into larger works

The list goes on and on.  

Here is why I purchased this:

1. Thought it was innovative.. It is

2. Its portable.  I hike, camp and thought this would be a great way to bring something with me on vacations, trips etc.  Also great for just hanging out somewhere without my PC and home studio.

3.  Use as an alternative MIDI controller.  I use Propellerhead Reason.  ORBA does work as intended with reason.  Use it as a pad controller for the drum machine.  However, my controller keyboard has built in pads so this is not a critical.  

I am quickly loosing faith, patience with this product.  I agree with GJ on an earlier post someplace to allow others access to the code to create an app interface.  

As it is now, I have exhausted the creativity of this device.  Its' allure was its portability and Smartphone access.  It now sits on my shelf awaiting the time when I can actually use it creatively instead of just a novel toy.  

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There is a growing consensus on this thread, but sadly Arne Wallbrecher and everyone else at Artiphon are very very quiet (indeed, non existent). I’m afraid the customer care and support here is appalling (the worst I’ve experienced) - not a good way to show appreciation to those early adopters who invested in this project.

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We completely agree with the proposed features like custom tunings, some sound tweaking, volume control per part, haptic engine off, obviously song saving and it is all in our backlog that we are working on. There were some iOS and macOS Big Sur issues that needed immediate attention. We also can not announce future features or a schedule but these are all great ideas and they are in our to do list.

@timmiller thanks for your lengthy and complete post. I mainly agree but my conclusion is contrary. I like being part of the development and meanwhile experience several (happy) experiments. Including live performing for elites (very small number) world wide audiences. I enjoy the ride.
Thank you for responding Arne - can I please urge for the prioritising of the save feature amongst all the other planned developments. Without being able to save, the Orba is pretty pointless. Cheers

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As Tim said: "Its' allure was its portability and Smartphone access. It now sits on my shelf awaiting the time when I can actually use it creatively instead of just a novel toy. "

I paid for this product. Have waited too long for it. From the start, the software was bad. It only got worse. All we get is a long to-do list without a concrete schedule. If Artiphon can not solve it, they should release all of the info and specs to the public domain. Let others give it a try.

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