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Win 10 app version 0.14.6 with save and load ...

Anyone interested in the old Win 10 app (version 0.14.6)? 

In this version you can save and load songs. Not good, but better than nothing. 

- download 0.14.6 (

- uninstall the current app

- install 0.14.6.

- start the app, refuse any updates until Artiphon comes up with something that actually works.  

No guarantees, no support, but you are used to that with the Orba.

And if you want all the current presets (upto app version 0.14.34)

- download this Orba-presets

- unzip

- put the files in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba

Thanks @GJ. As a Mac user is there a 0.14.34 file for OS X? Also, does this recognise the Orba if it’s running the latest firmware? Cheers

@ Malcom - Sorry, I don't know about OS X. 

The old windows app behaves fine with the latest firmware. I don't use the Orba as a wired midi controller. Just stand-alone and only wired when saving/loading songs. 

The preset format is the same across all platforms (it's just an XML file). On a Mac, simply save the presets to ~/Users/[…]/Library/Application Support/Artiphon/.

If anyone wants to be part of the beta test please write to Currently we have a version in beta that has song saving and loading back.

That's nice. But: See first, then believe.

Put the beta online so we can all try it.

I don't really see why Artiphon wouldn't do that. If necessary, add all conceivable legal reservations.

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Thank you.

@ old-app users - Loading a saved song/pattern may have strange results.

Sometimes an instrument appears to be missing after loading. You solve this by reselecting an instrument.

Rename the song before re-saving.

@ Arne - Why is Artiphon not putting that beta online? What's wrong with a public beta?

Revived the link to Windows App version 0.14.6.

Revived the link to all the current presets (upto app version 0.14.34)

- download this Orba-presets

- unzip

- put the files in the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba


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