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no sound

i play kontakt 6 player 

but There is a reaction when viewed on the screen, but there is no sound.

here is my video

커뮤니티 확인 아이콘



Thank you really Thanks

your my hero

1. For a six-octave piano, use the Artiphon editor app to load the preset called Chromatic Piano Grid. Older versions of the firmware used this as the onboard piano preset, but it's quite challenging to play well and wasn't very friendly for new users, so they replaced it with the much simpler single-octave version in the current iteration.

2. That video actually shows two of the four available ways to play violin: the iBow method using an iPhone as a virtual bow; the Bow method using pressure on the bridge triggers to simulate bow action; and you can also play a violin sound using the Tap or Slide methods, depending on whether you're using a fretted or fretless setting for the fingerboard. (These can be set separately from the playing method.) The onboard violin preset uses the Bow method with a fretted setting, again primarily for the benefit of casual users without prior experience of string instruments; it used to be a fretless setting, but that's harder to play well.

3. I don't have an Android device myself, but Audio Evolution Mobile is a solid app that seems to work well for Android users with I1. It's not MPE, though, so much of the expressiveness of the I1 as a controller will be out of reach. Some Samsung devices can run the iOS app ThumbJam, which is brilliant with I1, but I don't know enough about how that setup works.

4. I don't think an Android app for I1 is a priority; they have an Orba app for Android in beta, but it's clearly been quite frustrating to try to get working. There was a brief statement in the FAQs back in October that suggests they're not particularly keen to devote resources to an I1 Android app at this stage. That may change, but I suspect they're focussed on getting the Orba app working before taking on another very challenging Android project for a more limited user base.

thank you i fixed kontakt player 

and i have more questions 

1. i'm using piano mode in my kontakt player but i can't use 6octaves like this video 1:55~2:03

2. is it only way the ios thing play violin style? youtube video this link 2:30~2:36

3. can i played in android midi app? if so, can you give me the name of the appropriate app?

4.can you tell me when the andorid-only app will be released?

Actually you can skipped questions 2-4

but please tell me if i have a problem with the piano mode

this my Attached video


Yes, Kontakt is sometimes a bit flaky on first launch. Double-check that you have the right audio output selected, and if that doesn't make a difference try then reloading the instrument:


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