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ORBA APP VERSION 0.14.34 now available

Download the new app update here.


  • Enjoy “Faux,” a new set of sound presets featuring more organic-inspired instruments. The Drum mode features oversized, open tones with subtle reverb. The melodic instruments (Bass, Chord, Lead) are reminiscent of wind- and string-like instruments. Wall of Sound here we come. 
  • Also, there are two new gestural presets. With Vibrato Bass, Vibrato will affect your note’s pitch by one whole semitone. With Tilt Lead, Tilting your Orba will raise your note’s pitch by one semitone.


  • Shake, rattle, and roll – only if you like. You can now turn on and off Vibration: Orba’s internal haptic engine. Some players have requested an entirely silent playing experience (hats off to you, dorm room ninjas!). You can toggle this feature via the Settings panel – accessed by clicking the (A) in the app’s upper right corner.


  • We now prompt iOS 14.2 users to update to iOS 14.3 (or anything newer).
  • The app will now reconnect via USB when there are timeouts due to idleness. 
  • On macOS and Android, there is now a selection window to choose between USB or Bluetooth. 
  • We fixed an issue where the USB connection on macOS Big Sur stopped working. 
  • We fixed an issue where song key changes did not change Orba’s pad tuning.

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Has this update reintroduced the save feature? That’s what everyone is waiting for!

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Nope. Seriously considering returning mine, I do like it a great deal but this save feature being broken is pretty much a deal-breaker. I was unaware of this issue when I purchased my Orba, none of the vendors mention this issue - in their defence, they are probably unaware of it.

Very nice that they've included a new set of sounds BUT please guys, concentrate all your efforts into fixing the save feature! It's all kinda useless until this is fixed.

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My thoughts exactly. Orba is just an overpriced toy without the save feature, and Artiphon seem to completely ignore the plea of their early-adopter customers. The worst customer service I’ve ever experienced!

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I completely agree. The fact that the disabling of the save feature is tucked away and not prominent is a disgrace & speaks volumes. 

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The save / load / export function was the top priority. Still, Artiphon found time for an update 0.14.34 without resolving that top priority. That's great, right ...

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Yup, that's what makes this a real head-scratcher & kick in the teeth.

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The song saving is our highest priority. It was just an opportunity to get some presets and a switch for vibration out since that work was mostly not done by the software team but firmware and sound design.

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That’s good news Arne. So the save function will be back in a matter of days will it then? If it’s your highest priority (and has already taken months) I’m thinking the answer should be ‘yes, of course!’

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Still getting a black screen when launching the app on Windows.  This has been going on every since version 14.23.  The only time it has worked for me is when support sent me a version 14.23 "no open GL".

I can't use the software or perform firmware updates.

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The Orba came to me this week. I also installed and updated the Desktop app for Win10 and MAc OS. In both cases, the following happens: When I plug the Orba into that machine via USB, it prints that I need to update the firmware and then the desktop app exits.

I tried pairing it with an ipad via Bluetooth, but the ipades app refuses to communicate with Orba until there is a firmware update.

How do we fix this error?

Thank you

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@Zoltan Ivan

I faced the same issue yesterday after a fresh delivery. Starting the Windows desktop application and connecting freshly delivered Orba would result in briefly displaying "You need to connect Orba through USB on Windows or Mac." and current firmware version 13.5 in the bottom and then exit. No error in Event Viewer and some misleading OpenGL roundf exception in Orba's debug log.

By pinch of bravery (+ lots of stupidity and eventually luck) to fiddle with what I probably should not and while almost bricking the device, I eventually discovered that old v0.14.6 Orba desktop app does not crash and works to flash the brand-new device at least on Windows 10. Big props to GJ van Mulbregt for providing the archived installer and suggestion for Artiphon to enable access old software versions, because they actually can be quite useful...

Anyway, here's what worked for me on Windows 10

(proceed at your own risk):

  1. Install latest Orba desktop app v0.14.34
  2. Let it run for a minute or two, because it actually does some initialization in the background
  3. Go to Settings, hold Shift key while clicking firmware update icon as described in step 5 to initialize the firmware files
  4. Close the app, backup the folder C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba
  5. Uninstall the app and install Orba v0.14.6 (no worries, it is an official installer with a digital signature from Artiphon)
  6. Run the v0.14.6 for a minute or two and connect Orba - voila, it does not crash! And shows e.g. battery state, DO NOT click lovely green firmware update icon yet
  7. Close the app, back up C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Artiphon\Orba\UpdateUtilities, delete it and replace by folder from step-4 backup (which contains latest v0.14.15 firmware and utilities)
  8. Run the app and now you can flash the firmware. In case of trouble force flash from DFU mode and look for problems in FWUpdateLog.txt in the Orba's app data folder.
  9. Re-install new Orba app because it wont crash anymore and works with mobile app as it should

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I do NOT recommend getting back to 0.14.6 Maybe it was just me, but the app was all f'd up, including showing the UI upside down (though the buttons registered in the correct place ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

I was facing the issue of the Orba app crashing as soon as the Orba was connected and detected a firmware update need. 

Regardless of wether I used Windows or MacOS, the behaviour would be the same: plug the orba --> detect need to update --> app crashes.

So I did my research, read a few support articles, inspected the logs, used a proxy to see what connections the Orba app was attempting to do and to where and messed around with the included utils and found a way to solve the issue.

I played around with the dfu-util Artiphon includes and noticed that it wasn't detecting the device. Alright, so now I know that the device isn't entering DFU mode, so there must be something I can do right? There should be a way to force it since most devices have a way to be force into DFU..
A bit more research and I found you can actually force the DFU mode, according to Artiphon.

So, that's what I did and then the update and app DID work for me.

Start with the Orba turned off. All you have to do press [Vol+] + [Power] for a few seconds and then plug the orba into the computer. The app should now detect an Orba in DFU mode and proceed with the upgrade.

Note however that the app must be the latest version since it now includes detection of when a Orba is in a "failed" state. 

From Orba support: "First things first: Be sure to update your version of the Orba desktop app (macOS | Windows). The newest version should account for units that become unresponsive after firmware updates."

I hope this solves it for everybody else. Also, @Artiphon, maybe your developers are a bit overwhelmed, maybe they are out of their league. 
As a professional software dev, just give me a call if you need help.

Can't even begin to describe the amount of rage the Orba has caused, from the shipping delays to the worst first experience EVER in ANY product I've owned.
Someone that only this week got his Orba and is faced with these app/update issues is going to be pretty pissed, I can tell you. 
The only reason I didn't "lash out" was because I'm too stubborn and no application, not matter how badly developed it is, is going to get the best of me.

Wow! These last two posts are great, but I was under the impression that I was purchasing a retail device, not one in beta testing and development! I’m not a techie - I just wanted something that worked! And so, reluctantly I have to ask Artiphon - please can I have my money back - a full refund. I am done with waiting for something that doesn’t seem to be coming.

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If you have an issue with your Orba please contact they can resolve any issue you have.
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