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ORBA APP VERSION 0.14.34 now available

Download the new app update here.


  • Enjoy “Faux,” a new set of sound presets featuring more organic-inspired instruments. The Drum mode features oversized, open tones with subtle reverb. The melodic instruments (Bass, Chord, Lead) are reminiscent of wind- and string-like instruments. Wall of Sound here we come. 
  • Also, there are two new gestural presets. With Vibrato Bass, Vibrato will affect your note’s pitch by one whole semitone. With Tilt Lead, Tilting your Orba will raise your note’s pitch by one semitone.


  • Shake, rattle, and roll – only if you like. You can now turn on and off Vibration: Orba’s internal haptic engine. Some players have requested an entirely silent playing experience (hats off to you, dorm room ninjas!). You can toggle this feature via the Settings panel – accessed by clicking the (A) in the app’s upper right corner.


  • We now prompt iOS 14.2 users to update to iOS 14.3 (or anything newer).
  • The app will now reconnect via USB when there are timeouts due to idleness. 
  • On macOS and Android, there is now a selection window to choose between USB or Bluetooth. 
  • We fixed an issue where the USB connection on macOS Big Sur stopped working. 
  • We fixed an issue where song key changes did not change Orba’s pad tuning.

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And yes, using an old version of the app or firmware will lead to problems. We have fixed a lot of bugs and changed a few things in the interaction between Orba and the app so going backwards is not recommended.

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What problems?

I prefer to use the Orba without a cable. What am I missing with the old app?

With the old app I can save and load songs. Not ideal, but it works. 

Better than nothing (4 months already!)

I would gladly lose the (very few) new instruments for the ability to save songs. If I was you, I’d stick with the old app if it’s working!

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@ Malcolm - Thank you. The new presets work well with the old app. For anyone interested: check here

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I had the same problem as Celso Santos on unboxing my new Orba today, and followed his suggestion of putting the Orba into DFU mode. The 0.14.34 version of the app detected the Orba and offered the firmware update option. It took several attempts before the process completed successfully, it returned the error message perhaps four or five times, sometimes after 2 or 3 minutes of updating, before it was finally complete. Thanks Celso!

I just keep holding on to this little sphere hoping that one day its many, many, software issues dry up and we get a functional instrument. I have yet to have a smooth Firmware update experience, and am constantly paranoid to update because of the number of times I've ended up with a device in an unusable state. The ultra tin-sounding 'sound pack' that was added is almost a kick in the gut when the unit itself is so unstable. Frustrating to see any new features added when there are still some insanely large outstanding issues.

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