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My order failed but i still got charged.

When I placed my order for the instrument 1, i used Amazon pay. it said transaction could not be processed so I checked my bank account and saw that the transaction did process, yet I didn't recieve a confirmation email. I talked to Amazon and they confirmed that a transaction was made, so it seems a glitch occurred on Artiphon's end. The funny thing is inwas supposed to be charged 307, but i was only charged 304, leaving my account at zero. Could it be that instead of denying the transaction because i was slightly short, the system let it go through, but because i didn't have enough it got confused and scrrewed something up? Ireally wish Artiphon had an option to call for support instead of leaving support tickets because losing $300 kind of a big deal, and id really like to know if I actually bought the dang thing or not. If anyone has any light they can shed on this, I'd appreciate it.
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Hey Thomas, thanks for letting us know about this. I'm looking at your email now. I'm happy to resolve this issue for you. Be on the lookout for my reply to your email.

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