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Orba Firmware 0.15.2 Now Available- Introducing Mode Mixing

Mode Mixing

You can now mix the individual instrument parts in your songs, right on Orba. Hold the A button and the wedge for the mode you want to adjust while using the volume up and down buttons on the side. For example, if you want to lower the BASS volume, hold A+BASS while using the volume down button on the side. Turn down for what? To get the perfect mix!

To update Orba's firmware, please connect to Mac or Windows computer using a USB cable, open the Orba app, available here:

and click on the cloud symbol next to "firmware update" in the settings.

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@J.K. no i don't have that. I can mix between all presets.

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@J.K. - No. That is: the latest Windows app doesn't recognize my Orba at all.  

I updated the firmware to version 0.15.2 with Windows app version 0.14.6. (with save - and buggy export to midi, wav and mp4). In that combo I can mix between all presets.

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