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Orba Firmware 0.15.2 Now Available- Introducing Mode Mixing

Mode Mixing

You can now mix the individual instrument parts in your songs, right on Orba. Hold the A button and the wedge for the mode you want to adjust while using the volume up and down buttons on the side. For example, if you want to lower the BASS volume, hold A+BASS while using the volume down button on the side. Turn down for what? To get the perfect mix!

To update Orba's firmware, please connect to Mac or Windows computer using a USB cable, open the Orba app, available here:

and click on the cloud symbol next to "firmware update" in the settings.

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@J.K. - No. That is: the latest Windows app doesn't recognize my Orba at all.  

I updated the firmware to version 0.15.2 with Windows app version 0.14.6. (with save - and buggy export to midi, wav and mp4). In that combo I can mix between all presets.

@J.K. no i don't have that. I can mix between all presets.

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"Did anyone else notice that the new firmware disables the ability to select instrument sounds from different sets? So I guess if I want to use drums from Grapefruit, I can't have bass from Cartridge now."

Can anyone confirm this?  This seems like a really huge deal to sneak in unannounced.

Wow so many people with issues and my orba is working perfectly fine.

Must have a special version then...

Sure switching between parts does make the sound stop, this needs to be fixed. 

But otherwise? Volume per track is working quite well, I don't hear ANY noise when usb is connected to my laptop and headphones to the orba. Did hear some hiss on my old (10 year old) laptop but definitely not on my new laptop so I guess there's improvement in my laptop as well.

Anyway thanks for the latest fw release, I'm gona play again.

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Without a ground loop isolator, if you're plugged into USB, the noise is gnarly. I don't totally fault them there, but hiding it or not letting people know they may need that additional piece of kit is just more fuel to the fire.

New companies need to earn trust, it's like a currency, and Artiphon doesn't seem to be spending their very wisely. I love the potential of MPE, and am excited by the device itself and what it promised. I hope they continue development, begin to open up communication more, and one day we actually get a device that somewhat resembles the fancy marketing.

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The audio in the Youtube Videos seems to be heavily edited to hide the heavy noise floor and the crackling when you switch between modes. Even in the live streams.

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The only reason I continue to post on the forums is to help show potential buyers the risk involved.

If you're considering buying an ORBA in April of 2021, beware, it does not function as described and is currently in an unworkable state.

It's a beta product, that's being poorly project-managed and over-marketed. The testing is either non-existent, or from my experience not being respected. These issues are too endemic to be 'missed' by bad testing. It's likely reported issues are being ignored by people who want to 'just put something new out there to keep them busy, and we'll fix it later' development. It's can also be a lot harder to fix bugs than make new features.

Compare this product to the Norns Shield, and the Lines community. The open source nature of the project encourages a much friendlier and more open environment full of really amazing new music discoveries. Whereas here, it feels like this forum exits as a place to vent frustrations into the void. I wish they'd just open up the Orba for the community to use as they see fit.

It has kind of become painfully obvious the software development team needs some assistance. Might as well see if there is enough interest in the community to provide that help. If Artiphon really wants to engender any sort of customer respect, or trust going forward they've got a lot of room to grow. Especially on the communications front.

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I like many others am finding the constant bugs and poor firmware updates frustrating (this most recent one included). Did anyone else notice that the new firmware disables the ability to select instrument sounds from different sets? So I guess if I want to use drums from Grapefruit, I can't have bass from Cartridge now. I feel like the Orba's performance is getting worse, not better.

It  amazes me how a company that has launched an instrument before could have such a poor roll-out for the Orba product. It seems to me that Artiphon's approach to product development is 'hey, we're all in this together! You keep writing in with the functions that don't work, and then scan forums to see if/how others have figured out how to get around it and then maybe we can incorporate that fix into the new firm ware update!' I did not sign up to be your guinea pig. it's almost as if they didn't employ any kind of testing phase for their product whatsoever.

I wish they spent has as much time and money ensuring their product works as they do on their slick ad campaigns.

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This is the worse version of the App so far. IT DOES NOT WORK!

Reported here

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Disappointing again. Nice idea, but the mixing option takes place at the level of the device, not per song. Who makes such a thing up?

Posting extra info because my QA instincts will never die:

This was using the provided USB cable, with the most recent Orba Software, on the most recent version of Windows 10.

Plugged in device, launched app and was immediately greeted with a 'new firmware' message. Clicked ok, turned on device and clicked the 'download new firmware' icon.

This screenshot above popped up, and the device was disconnected, and reconnected from my computer (I believe, I just heard the familiar USB connect/disconnect sounds), ~20 seconds later - the above message appears.

Trying again does nothing, and the error repeats itself. App was stuck in this state, and had to be force closed. Subsequent attempts have produced the same results.

....this testing shouldn't have to be done for free. I didn't pay to be part of an unending beta-program so that Orba2 users can have a more seamless experience.

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Nevermind. Putting it back in the box. This is insane, folks. It went from frustrating, to almost funny in how poorly things were going, to genuinely infuriating over money spent on incomplete promises, and now I've moved on to just kinda bummed.

I really would like to use this instrument, and I'm sad that the software/hardware interactions I've had with it from the date of purchase have been an absolute nightmare.


Love the idea of mode mixing! Such an elegant implementation, can't wait to try it out.


I updated the firmware to version 0.15.2 with Windows app version 0.14.6. (with save - and buggy export to midi, wav and mp4). And it still works. Hoping that lasts.

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I just connected to update my firmware and it failed. So I followed instructions sent by your support team - turned off Orba, pressed volume up and power button at the same time, connected to my MacBook Air, launched Orba app and not only still nothing, now my Orba is completely dead and won’t turn back on.

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