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Feature request: decouple the synth "sound" from the "scale"/"chords"

Just started with the Orba .. and find it lovely! 

A current limitation which I imagine bothering in the long run is the tight coupling of sound and scale or chord in the presets.

I think it would be great to be able to select the "sound" of lead or chords independently from scale or chords.

e.g. to have diatonic with any sound or 7th chords with any sound

thanks for the attention



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this would pave the way to introduce easily more scales e.g. harmonic minor, etc 

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The discussion looks more promising there.

grazie Andrea! 

This will solve your problem. I wrote a utility and you can use it to create any custom chord or scale for any Preset. It is located here:

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That's a great utility! Thanks.

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