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Orba dead. Artiphon never replaced

This is my sad story with Orba:

On November 28th 2019 I contributed the Orba project on KickStarter.

After waiting for more than a year I finally got my Orba at the end of January 2021.

Only A few days later my Orba was dead. There was no way to use it again :(

I contacted with Artiphon support and they told me to try some technical ways to

recover it, but nothing changed. Finally they said they will sent me a

new one to replace that because there was no way to fix the first one…

They said that I have to wait for a month at least because they are currently 

back ordered and won't have stock for about four weeks


After waiting one month they told me to wait more.


They said it’ll likely remain back-ordered for a few more weeks.  

Another moth later they said that shipments are going out next week.  

Almost 3 weeks later they sent me an email to confirm my address.

A few days more the finally send me an email with the tracking number

(22nd of April 2021)

I was checking everyday but the parcel is was never close to deliver.

I wrote again to Arthiphon support and they said last 7th of May 2021

that they have contacted the fulfillment partner to find out 


the status of the shipment. They said they will contact me with more 

information soon. 

They never contacted me any more after that.

I send several emails to know what happen but no answers anymore. 

Until today.

I’m still waiting for a solution an a new Orba alive.

Thanks. And I hope anybody can help me,


Jesus F.

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