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Can't get Orba to play

Howdy All,

I received my Orba yesterday. First impressiion is that it's pretty cool little device.

I don't know if mine is defective or maybe my brain is defective. I installed the Orba app on my PC and am browsing songs. I have sent several to Orba from the app and I can hear the changes in the four instrument sets but can't figure out how to play the songs. I've been trying A + 5 and nothing happens. I have also tried the play button in the top corner of the windows app. Nothing happens.

 Please tell me I'm overlooking something stupid. I just want to have fun with this thing and not have to send it back.

Okay. I was able to record a song on the Orba and play it back but loading the "demo" songs. I can't get any of them to play at all. I'm assuming it's something with the files in th eOrba app. I get all the sounds from a new song and could record and save a song and then play it from the app or the orba's physical button and also load it again and play it but the demo songs do not work.

Hi Brian. Your Orba isn't defective. 

We wanted to give users some templates for being able to create songs, made from our own built-in presets and originally set to specific keys. While these provided templates don’t include pre-recorded songs, you can use these to create your own songs, or make your own songs from scratch. 

Apologies for the confusion 

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I appreciate the assortment of different sounds but was confused by the fact that there is both a songs menu and a presets menu in the windows app. It would be cool to have some demo songs.

Thank you for the clarification and I do think this thing is pretty cool after two days of fiddling.

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