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loop length

How many beats/measures (or length of time) can a loop be?

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Orba thinks that it is counting 4/4 and it allows eight measures (you can see the lights progress from 1 to 8 as it records) which means 32 beats.

Really is small for.a song.When i.purchase Orba i think that was free the measures/beats .This must be modified on upgrades. At last 128 beats.

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image might be limited by hardware memory. I hope this isn't the case, but if they are we might have to wait for Orba II with better hardware for this kind of update.

I do not think that it is a memory limitation. Otherwise it would be expressed in terms of note events. There is nothing stopping you recording one beat to the bar or 64 beats to the bar. I know that they wanted to keep the Orba simple and intuitive for people without any formal musical training and so the limitation probably made sense to the designers.

I agree with everyone that this needs to be "fixed," but it's not really a 32 beat limit because Artiphon is not quantizing. That is a separate criticism that is discussed in other places. But, one advantage that NOT quantizing has is that what's really happening is that the Orba is sampling 8 4/4 measures worth of events at whatever the current BPM happens to be. In fact, Orba doesn't care if you subdivide those 8 measures in three beats, four beats, five beats, seven beats, or whatever. So, you can actually decrease the BPM to 1/2 of whatever you want and fit two measures into every four beats or even more and fit 4 measures into every four beats. That would give you 16 or 32 measures respectively. 

So they should allow quantizing to be turned on or off. 

As a new Orba owner I have to say I'm feeling fairly letdown (and surprised) with the song length restriction; especially seeing as it isn't a hardware limitation.

But I'm even more letdown by the fact that people have been asking Artiphon for some of these things for over a year without any real updates or timelines on their progress. 

Song length is a pretty big deal. 
So is the lack of ability to export...  Considering the device readily connects to phone or computer, it just seems... Odd? 
(Also, the fact you 

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