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maj min

maj min what about all the rest 7ths and so forth hope it is something u can do in a future update

Hi Paul, 

Thanks for reaching out. I'll pass this feedback along to our development team. Also, we have a 7th Chord preset available for Orba's "chord" mode (which is one of my favorite presets on Orba). 

What other types of modes/scales would you want to be able to play on Orba? 

 There are many the most useful ones

@Paul: Maj and min refer to the scale, not directly to the chords played in chord mode. 

When you harmonize the C major scale you get the following triads (three note chords): C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, and Bdim. When you select the C Maj scale in the Orba app you get: C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, G/B, and C an octave up in CHORD mode. Ignore the G/B for a sec. It turns out that it's more useful than the Bdim. Those chords are called "diatonic" to the key of C Maj.

When you harmonize the C minor scale you get the following triads: Cm, Ddim, Eb, Fm, Gm, Ab, and Bb. When you select the C min scale on the Orba, you get the following triads in CHORD mode: Cm, Bb/D, Eb, Fm, Gm, Ab, Bb, and Cm up an octave. Again, ignore the Bb/D for a sec. All of those chords are diatonic to the key of Cm. 

Your selection of Maj or min in the Orba app for the current song determines which 8 notes will be played in BASS mode, which chords will be available in CHORD mode, and which version of the scale - major or minor - will be available in LEAD mode. For the pentatonic LEAD presets, this chooses between a major or minor pentatonic. For the Orba Diatonic LEAD preset, this chooses between the exact same major or minor scale that the BASS plays.

@Evan mentioned the 7th Chords CHORD preset which is very interesting. It takes the standard diatonic triads and "extends" them so instead of 
C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, G/B, and C an octave up in CHORD mode when you select C Maj, you get Cmaj7, Dm7, Em7, Fmaj7, G7, Am7, G7/B, and C6 in CHORD mode. They made a couple of very interesting choices there and it sounds like they are the full four-note chords, not "cheater" 7th chords that drop 5th.

They do do something similar if you select the C min scale with the 7th Chords CHORD preset. You get Cm7, Bb7/D (?), Ebmaj7, Fm7, Gm7, Abmaj7, Bb7 (?), and Cm7 up an octave (?). I'm not sure about a couple of those.

So, now back to your original post. When you're referring to adding something other than Maj or min to the SCALE options, like a 7th, what you're really talking about is something like a 7th scale. There is such a thing as a dominant 7th scale, but really it's just the Mixolydian mode of the major scale which means you start on the 5th degree (note) of the major scale. 

I think more interesting scales would be things like scales that are used on steel slit tongue drums and other "meditation" instruments like "Integral", "Pygmy", "Akebono", and other scales that aren't modes of the major scale like the Harmonic Minor scale and some other "ethnic" scales. 

Even the inclusion of a blues mode with the minor blues scales instead of the minor pentatonic scale would be nice.