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Instrument 1 first string play by itself (Windows)


I received my instrument 1, installed the new driver (1.1.28 on windows), connected with original cables, installed kontakt player and tried to play some notes. after few notes one of my string play by itself and i have to gently slice my finger on the extremity of the instrument tactile area to stop it. The instrument in general seems to not respond normally ( i have to press strongly to heard a note sometimes and sometimes not). It looks like a material issue. Have you already seen that ?

I opened a ticket but maybe you have the solution ? i have a video to show if you want but i can't upload it here and i think i can't publish a link without an authorization.

Thank you for your help,


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Little update for your curiosity ! My instrument play the same note just by itself when im near without touch it ...! i really dont understand. If i try just on battery, the problem is worth, the sound makes rapid ondulations like i was pressing the note (the first case of the first string)...

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