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Hi everyone,

I realize there's a lot of Kontakt questions here, and I promise I've visited those threads and have yet to be able to solve my problem. But sorry if folks are sick of these questions!

I have two methods of accessing Kontakt: the standalone player (Kontakt 6), and as a VST in Acoustica Mixcraft 8.

The INSTRUMENT 1 works wonderfully for almost everything in Mixcraft, but none of my Native Instruments stuff seems to really recognize it. What I really want to make work is Super Audio Cart. When using Analog Dreams on the default guitar setting (for the I1), I am able to play the "E string" and get a few notes, so I know I have my input (Port A) and output (On) set up correctly (though no idea why the other "strings" don't work). 

However, I can't get a single note to play when using Super Audio Cart. I'm sure there's some very complicated answers to why Kontakt is generally so difficult, but anything I can do to make it "recognize" the entire span of fretboard inputs? I did see mention somewhere of setting up Kontakt for "multi input" use or something, but wasn't sure how to do that.

Anyway, any help/tips are much appreciated, thanks!

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