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Thank you for the new update!

I was literally about to return my Orba today because it kept crashing after every recording.

Happy times! Thanks again.

How about that elusive quantize? Is it even possible? Attach it to the BPM button and make adjustments via the volume rocker. Might not cover all cases but 8 is better than none. ;)

Love the new patches.

On another note, my daughter took her Orba to show at school, and the teacher ended up buying one for her husband. :D


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Be careful what you ask for. Quantizing has to be done right because right now, without quantizing, we have some triplet and other subdivision hacks that we might lose with quantizing.


Quantizing should only be added if it is something we can toggle. 

@Sonny Byerley
Are you referring to the 0.15.27 update? 
The latest app/firmware update did nothing for me regarding the device crashes while overdubbing.

The Orba firmware update 0.15.13 resolved several crash issues. To update the firmware, please connect your Orba to a Windows or Mac computer via USB, go to the settings page, and click on Firmware Update.

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