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Community interaction?

Hello all. I'm fresh on the forums, and glad to be here.

But... I seem to notice little interaction from the Artiphon team. Is that how it usually goes?

A great community is a partnership between the company and users. I don't see this here, which is slightly disappointing for such a creative device. Happy users talk up cool devices, and this actually sells units.

There is no loss by interacting with your user base. Sure, we won't always be happy, but it's the fact that someone is listening, whether they agree or not (looking at you Artiphon).

This could be a big device. The goal stated was the ability to bring making music to the masses (or something close). I see a couple things missing from that equation.

People who don't make music in most cases need quantize or will be put off quite quickly. This seems to have been a long tie request. Is it just not possible? Then just tell us. Also, patches. You need a lot. Non musicians enjoy the sounds and experimentation.

So. Why not share the load with you most enthusiastic users. It costs you nothing but some documentation. I mention this mostly in regards to patches. You already have a schema to make these patches, which is great, and open. But without knowing some specifics, it's to high a mountain to climb for most.

Publishing a tutorial on patch making would be legendary, and I personally would be happy to write up any documentation, free! (I write a lot of documentation, ping me).

Anyway, I love my Orba as does my daughter (and wife now), and I also love the idea behind it. I don't want to see it fall to the wayside, so maybe a roadmap, or update from the Arti[hon team on the future would be nice.

Thanks again for creating the Orba. To use a cliché; help us help you.


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There is SOME daily community interaction. All of these posts have to be approved. I think the issue is that there is very little, if any, community interaction from the developers, so the moderators of this forum might not be much more privy to release schedules and timelines than we are.


I don't get the impression that Artiphon moderates this forum. I see that as a positive point. In the past I was once asked by email to be a little positive. But it went no further than that.

>You already have a schema to make these patches, which is great, and open. But without knowing some specifics, it's to high a mountain to climb for most., as far as I'm aware, any progress with creating user patches has been made by this community. Artiphon aren't really open to helping people deconstruct the software; I asked for some further details about the XML and they said it wasn't designed to be edited.

Nevertheless, you can get some interesting results from editing it, and I'm sure people on the forum will be happy to explain progress so far to anyone who wants to give it a try.

It's a bit of an uphill battle. I've just pre-ordered a Widi Bud Pro. I'm hoping this will let me start using software like Ableton Live wirelessly with the Orba on Windows 10 (no guarantees) and start doing some deeper things with it, because I haven't even managed to pair it yet. (Windows 10 seems a bit rubbish with Bluetooth MIDI.) 

Welcome to the forums. :) 

To be completely honest, so far Artiphon has been absolutely terrible at interacting with users. 
They update every 3 months or so on some of the requests, to say the same thing. "We're working on it", "top priority", etc. 

There are known issues with the device; and basic features like previewing sounds in the app (or exporting) that they have been talking about adding for a year. Every 3 months or so people will ask for an update, and Artiphon will respond with "we're working on this feature", then another 3 months will go by and... nada. 

There are also known issues with the device that are somewhat major (such as frequent crashing when overdubbing; erasing all your work), but Artiphon seems content to spend their money on advertising; because that is all I see them do. 

I have high hopes for the device, my best advise would be to put some pressure on and when you see an opportunity to comment on another site/forum/video/advertisement/etc. let people hear your gripes and perhaps they can be persuaded to put some of their dollars towards making the Orba the device it could be. 

It is pretty great as a MIDI controller, but I'm ultimately disappointed with my purchase... but it's fun to play around with and has enough potential to make me want to hold onto it and hope they fix the issues. 

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