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Defective Instrument 1 out of the box.

I'd like to know how many people have received a defective Instrument 1 out of the box?

I have a ticket open with Artiphon and the issue I have doesn't seem to be any known issue. My charging lights do not blue blue/red, it charges fully (green light) but will not turn on unless the power cord is attached. As soon as the power cord is disconnected, it turns off. Plug the cord back in and the light goes blue and charges for a bit longer.

When I first received it, at least it would stay on after the power cord is removed.

But now it doesn't stay on at all if the power cord is removed.

Anyone else?

I received it 6 days ago.

Here is a video of the problem.

I hear some won't trust a download. I uploaded to YouTube.

Hi Leonard. Thanks for the video. It sounds like yours might have a defective battery. 

I see that you've sent back your INSTRUMENT 1, and you've been approved for a warranty replacement. I'll go ahead and send that tracking information to your email. 

This is fantastic news! Thank you! I can confirm I've received the email information. I'll do my best to get this one dropped off on Monday. I'm very excited to get one in perfect working order. 

I received an email from Artiphon Support that states the issue has been marked as unresolved. when I clicked the email link it brought me here. Not sure what that means. My Instrument one has been dropped off and is on it's way to TN which isn't far. I supposed it should arrive today or tomorrow.

Status update in topic

Defective Instrument 1 out of the box.

The problem has been marked as Unsolved

Thanks for sending that in, Leonard. We've received your INSTRUMENT 1 and sent you an email with more information about your warranty replacement! 

Roger that. I got your email. I'm very happy it will arrive here soon. Artiphon has been exceptional in this incident. Thank you for one of the best tech support experiences. It speaks volumes of the company. I can't wait to share my creations although I'm a bit of a hermit musically. I've been enjoying the heck out of my Orba.

Received it Friday after work. Charged it up over night. Discovered that it is everything and more than I could have anticipated. Thank you for the quick turnaround!.

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