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Defective Instrument 1 out of the box.

I'd like to know how many people have received a defective Instrument 1 out of the box?

I have a ticket open with Artiphon and the issue I have doesn't seem to be any known issue. My charging lights do not blue blue/red, it charges fully (green light) but will not turn on unless the power cord is attached. As soon as the power cord is disconnected, it turns off. Plug the cord back in and the light goes blue and charges for a bit longer.

When I first received it, at least it would stay on after the power cord is removed.

But now it doesn't stay on at all if the power cord is removed.

Anyone else?

I received it 6 days ago.

Here is a video of the problem.

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Yes!! Received a replacement and everything works as it should. Thanks to Artiphon for helping me out and customer service at proactive audio (Germany) for sending a new unit. 

If you are in doubt wether to buy this then don’t worry about customer service !!!


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The battery is defective!

The Instrument 1, it will not stay powered on, when disconnected / unplugged  from the supplied power supply adapter.

I can only play my instrument 1 when it is plugged into a power source.

I’m having the same problem you’re having, that you presented so well your Mega video link!

Hi Sally,

Thanks for reaching out. It looks like there was an issue with your INSTRUMENT 1, but I'm seeing that you've already requested a replacement under warranty. Once your INSTRUMENT 1 arrives at our warehouse, we can go ahead and send your replacement unit. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

I just completed opening another support ticket. I hope this issue has been resolved and Artiphon is no longer replacing defective units with defective units. This just isn't right. I suppose forgetting to mark this thread as SOLVED wasn't so bad because here we go again.

My tech support ticket:

"I returned my original Instrument one and received a replacement back in October. I barely got to use it for 20 minutes when I had to beak down my Audio studio. I store my I1 in the original box. And there it sat since November 2021. My studio is now rebuilt and today I took my I1 out of the box to use it again. Not surprised the battery would have drained during its time in storage, but I am completely shocked that it now suffers from the same problem my original suffered from.

No lights come one when charging so I assume it's not charging. It won't even turn on with the power plugged in.

So here I am with another completely dead instrument One. I would like to request another RMA. It is still within 12 months of original purchase.

What is going on with quality Control? I think your manufacturer is not building to spec or there is something seriously wrong with the design or battery supplier.

Why is this happening? And what can we do to resolve it? I would suspect that an electronic instrument should last several years when cared for and used properly. Even after a time when the batteries are no good, it should still be usable via the AC adaptor.

It's extremely disappointing to have to re-visit the exact same issue with the replaced I1."






I left my Instrument One plugged in for several hours yesterday. Nio charge so i unplugged it from the charger and let it sit overnight. This morning I plugged it back in again, nothing. Then I did something interesting because I noticed the power supply being sold with the instrument One iis NOT polarized. So I took the plug out of the wall socket and turned it around 180 degrees then plugged it back in. The blue LED light came on. I'm going to leave it for a few hours.

This is interesting because if the I1 requires a polarized PSU, then it is possible that the PSU is doing damage to the batteries with the polarity swapped. The power supplies being distriuted need to be polarized if this turns out to be the case. I will update tech support with this information once I hear back via email.

If this ends up working and my battery holder a charge, I will mark the PSU so I get it right each time. but this should not need to be.

I'll report back later today to see if my A1 keeps a charge now.

I sent the following update to support:

Below is a photo of the one I received with the replacement Instrument One.


I do have an update I did not get to post yesterday but I will update my forum post so users are aware.

When I turned the power supply around and plugged it in, the Instrument One began to charge. I let it stay that way for a couple of hours and the blue charge light turned green.

I unplugged it and turned it one. It works.


However, when I flip the adaptor around the other way, it does not work at all.

I can only guess that the Outlet part of the adaptor needs to be Polarized (one prong thicker than the other).
I have made a mental not that the prong closest to the label is the thick prong because that’s the only orientation it works in.


My only concern at this point is if the power adaptor has an issue and may damage my Instrument One’s battery at some time in the future. 


I failed to mentioned that I sent the update to support after they got back to me. The response was sent with a photo of a PSU and I was asked to compare to the one I have. I believe support is suspecting the power supply as well. 

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