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Complete multi channel midi mappings?

Is there a complete list of all I1 midi channel functions anywhere? Along with a listing of all CC codes? Besides the user manual. That hardly contains much at all. And watching midi signals in my DAW to figure what is what became too much work. Some of the functions weren't being sent. I'm exchanging my defective I1 for a replacement so I figured I'd get as much info as possible so I can hit the ground running when the replacement arrives.

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It's been a month and no one from their tech support answered your questions??

That is disturbing. How do they expect to sell many of these if they aren't going to provide important information like this???

Did I make a mistake purchasing my Instrument 1??

So sorry for the delayed response. 

The users manual chart is the complete chart.  As you know, CC messages transmit a range of numbers so there are too many variables to produce a list.  Do you have a particular function you are trying to route, perhaps using a DAW?  

You can also explore an app like MIDIMonitor.  That will give you the range numbers and all the messages sent from the INSTRUMENT 1 any time you do an action.
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