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Need clarification on getting sound from Instrument 1

 I did a fair amount of reading and watching videos before I purchased this device. And I am beginning to think there is the possibility I misunderstood what this device can do. 

Some things I read indicate that It can play sounds from its speaker. And it has a battery, so it doesn't need to be plugged into the power adapter.  Though, some places seemed to indicate that I needed to run an iOS app. But, as I was searching the FAQ, initially I was confused when it was giving results for both the Orba and the Instrument 1.

So, can someone please confirm that I should be able to take the instrument, and use it without any cords.

Got a reply from support.  It turns out the Instrument 1 must be tethered to something that can create the music.  The on-board speakers only play what the computing device sends back to the I1. 

It is frustrating that I spent well over 2 hours studying what this device is, but couldn't figure out that it must be tethered at all times.  I guess the presence of the onboard speakers and battery tend to lead you to think of it as a cordless device, when it is not.

Hey Joe, I'm glad our tech specialist was able to help you. We appreciate your feedback about the INSTRUMENT 1. I'll see to it that we make it more clear on our site that the INSTRUMENT 1 operates as a standard MIDI controller. If there's anything else we can help you with please let us know.

To be honest, I think an on-board sampler would never sound as good as some of the best Guitar VST out there. I would rather have built-in MIDI over Bluetooth is there's ever an Instrument 2.

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