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Song folder android

After saving song in app in what location file of this song is stored on android 11?

as far as I know the song and preset folder on Android is hidden. Best way to transfer songs is to load them from your android device onto the orba, connect the orba to your windows machine and save the loaded song on your windows machine.

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Hidden where? Think I could see it with root access but I need directory location. Interested because: 1) plans to merge or mirror android song folder with windows folder to have all my songs on both devices simultaneously. 2) backup 3) place user presets on android same way as on windows.

This question has come up before. There is lot's of interest in this, but apparently anyone who cares doesn't have root access to their Android. I don't. I know how to root it, but I don't want to mess with it and then have to restore everything. If you have root access, then maybe you can poke around and let us know what you find, but it won't help most of us anyway since it's probably also traverse and write protected except by an app. Knowing it's there won't help us if we can't get to it.

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