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OrbaSynth VST

Absolutely loving OrbaSynth guys, you did a wonderful job and completely renewed my faith in Artiphon! 
I can't wait to see how far you can take it. :)

Here is a suggestion that I am sure many would love to see. If you could make a VST version of the OrbaSynth, so we can utilize the sounds and gestures in our daw without having to map everything there, as well as have the ability to output a custom song we have saved on the Orba through the VST would be amazing!!!

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I agree, also maybe a rack of slices in which you can make individual sounds for each slice using the synth engine to generate drum sounds for orba track 1

This is a "shower thought." I haven't thought it through in any detail but (apologies if this offends anybody) I still feel the need to post it. Now that, in OrbaSynth, a definitive patch editor for Orba exists, and it reportedly produces XML output, practically anybody with decent coding skills should be able to produce a VST front-end that sends the right signals. The missing link here is the code to generate OrbaSynth sounds from those signals. It ought to be possible to produce an iterative open source approximation of the Orba synth sounds, resulting in an open source VST versuon of OrbaSynth. Or Artiphon could release a VST instead.
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