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Features request: 8 loops, drum edit, sample app, more intuitive sound change


I'm an Orba player since I've received it for my birthday on april. I'm very happy with it, it's an amazing small piece of  musical entertainment.

There are my desired features, I don't know if there are difficult to implement.

1. More loops. The ideal number is 8 loops, because there are 8 pads. And an easy way to change there.

2. Thanks for the orba synth! But there isn't editor for drums! I want it! Specially,  there will be wonderfull be able to select individual drum sounds from different kits

3. I'm having troubles with koala sampler, but there will be amazing to have an app to transform the orba into a sample machine.

4. I want orba cam on android!

5. The process of sound changing is terrible! It's an unintuitive process and you may select any sound or song without any audible reference. I think it's not very difficult to attach some example sound in the app for each song and sound pack.

For last... NO! I don't want midi quantization! I'm very happy without that, so if you will implement it, please allow us to enable-dissable it!


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+1 for drum editor in orba synth

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