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[Orba 2] What about Orba 1 players ?

Hello, I’m really happy to see that a new Orba 2 is coming. For sure, this Orba will be really better than the first one. But I would like to share with you my disappointement and my frustration. I’m an Orba player of the first hour, I was very patient during the lot of patch and issues resolution. I think we are, with lot of other players, in expecting of lot of update for the Orba 1 and now I see this updates on the Orba 2 (acoustic sound, Orba preset, etc…). That’s mean now for have what you have promised on the first Orba we need to buy the Orba 2 and just bin the Orba 1 because I imagine that the development of the update for the Orba 1 will ne stopped for the following of the Orba 2. So my question is : what about the Orba 1 players ? Have you planned to allow a price reduction for the Orba 1 player ? Have you planned to put the same update on the Orba 1 (except the microphone) ? I’m really happy for this Orba 2 but I have supported you from the Day 1 of the first Orba and no I have the feeling to be forsook and be obliged to buy a new instrument and let the first one… Thank you to have red me, thank you for your work but please don’t forget your first community.

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Oh well, I wouldn't hold my breath. Being nice to Artiphon doesn't work and neither does criticism. It's just a company that wants your money. I won't be fooled again.

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I'm sure the Orba 1 will still be supported; it's a brilliant device in its own right, and not everyone will need the new sample features, which needed new hardware to be possible and have pushed up the price significantly for the Orba 2. But a lot of people have been asking for a model which can load your own sounds, and Artiphon have delivered. I expect quantisation will also be on the way for the Orba 1 in due course; it's been on the roadmap for a while, and it doesn't seem like something that would be hardware-dependent.

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Great question! 

For a more in depth list on the differences between Orba and Orba 2, you can find the list here, or in the new Forum section we’ve created specifically for Orba 2.

Orba 2 is a significant hardware upgrade with a completely rebuilt sound engine to allow sample playback. It has a 3x faster processor, 32x more RAM, and gigabytes more storage for your songs, samples, and presets. 

Although there are going to be things that only Orba 2 can do, we’re still committed to supporting both software and firmware development for Orba 1.

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I really really hope quantisation is coming. As much I try to enjoy the Orba 1 it’s really missing this feature in my opinion. Generally it still feels unfinished and glitchy, mine will often still crash. Out of principal I can’t bring myself to buy a new product until this is sorted. I am not holding up much hope, if quantise was coming I would have thought it would be here now. The Orba 2 documentation has quantise as an “extra feature” over the Orba 1 so that does not bode well.

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@ Nick

That would be nice if Artiphon starts supporting the Orba 1.

After a year and a half we still can't export to midi. The support comes for 90% from fellow users. All of the empty promises come from Artiphon. Top of our to-do list, blah, blah.

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@Nick Artiphon's comments have made it all but proven that they won't be adding quantization to orba 1. The embedded processor apparently just isn't fast enough to do that in real time. I'd love to see a trade in program for old orba 1 owners, this is Artiphon's chance to redeem themselves.

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Evan's now clarified further in the quantisation thread (sorry, I can only link to the page, not the individual post): the Orba 1 didn't have the processing power to quantise while the looper was running. A pity it couldn't be got to work on the original hardware; it's not something I've been badly missing, but  it's certainly been a barrier to the kind of effortless standalone use that's so much part of the Orba philosophy. (I rather liked the way it trained me in precision timing, but I entirely recognise that's not really the aim…) They evidently gave it their best shot, and have found a solution even if it's not the one that Orba 1 users have been hoping. The Orba 2 is a bit of a diceroll at this price point, lifting it out of the sub-$100 sweet spot, but I hope it does well for them. I'm certainly in.

I'm not at all convinced that Artiphon 'evidently gave it their best shot'. On the contrary. Artiphon started supplying stores while kickstarter backers had to wait. And then they removed existing functionality (import/export as midi and avi). Then a lot of 'It is at the top of the todolist' and 'the team is working 24/7' blabla. And a few minor updates. But perhaps I'm overlooking something very big that justifies some faith in Artiphon's good intentions.

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Also, it doesn't inspire confidence to wait with bad news about Orba-1 until the release of Orba-2. To me, that doesn't look like acting in good faith.

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I agree with these sentiments about the original Orba. I have been waiting patiently for it to be actually usable (quantisation) and I was really looking forward to the day when users could upload their own samples. Looks like Orba 1 owners just get shafted. I definitely won’t be buying Orba 2, and I’ll be recommending other devices to people at this point. Lots of friends have played with my Orba and have been impressed, but it quickly loses its appeal with the random crashing, or the sounds becoming distorted, etc. I, like many others I assume, would love to see a trade-in program for the original Orba owners. But I probably shouldn’t hold my breath.

@Scarlett Thanks for pointing that out.  I had not noticed the posts.   Its disappointing but that's the way it is.  I do hope they release a firmware that stabilises the unit.  I've got better with my timing so but its a bit unusable when it crashes so much.  

I can hear that Orba 2 will fix and improve, with better processor, etc..., the issues met in Orba 1 but can we be sure that Orba 2 will be okay and we didn't need an Orba 3 ? Because spend 150€ again for something expected on the Orba 1 already bought it's not really good, Orba 1 was a nice promise but a deception once in hand, I'm not really confident to  spend again on a Orba 2 if we meet the same difficulties.

For that for me, the owner of Orba 1 should have a reduction on Orba 2 if we send you back the Orba 1 for example, it's commercial after all this time spend with the issues.

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@Christopher: Can I ask what the other devices are that you're recommending? (No agenda here; just geeking out.)

@Nick Unfortunately I can’t think of any recommendations that fit the exact space that this device (hypothetically) should have filled, but I have a couple recommendations. This looks amazing for the same price as the Orba 2. Way more functions and sounds, great little synth to add to the collection. My personal favorite and what I have been geeking out on for a cpl months (and the rest of my life probably) is the Dirtywave M8 Tracker. It is basically a handheld DAW for about $550. It is ridiculously powerful, with an amazing discord community run by the man who created it. ANY questions you have, any suggestions for updates, all troubleshooting is done in real time, by the dude who created it and a few other people who really know the machine. The community is amazing, everybody shares their music and instrument presets, samples, etc. And the Discord is always active, with chat about the M8 as well as many other things. There is a specific gear chat that talks about anything new coming out (like the Syntakt, or OP-1 Field). I highly recommend checking it out, Tim is amazing and I will support any project he starts! He literally designed this by hand and constructs each unit.

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