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[Orba 2] What about Orba 1 players ?

Hello, I’m really happy to see that a new Orba 2 is coming. For sure, this Orba will be really better than the first one. But I would like to share with you my disappointement and my frustration. I’m an Orba player of the first hour, I was very patient during the lot of patch and issues resolution. I think we are, with lot of other players, in expecting of lot of update for the Orba 1 and now I see this updates on the Orba 2 (acoustic sound, Orba preset, etc…). That’s mean now for have what you have promised on the first Orba we need to buy the Orba 2 and just bin the Orba 1 because I imagine that the development of the update for the Orba 1 will ne stopped for the following of the Orba 2. So my question is : what about the Orba 1 players ? Have you planned to allow a price reduction for the Orba 1 player ? Have you planned to put the same update on the Orba 1 (except the microphone) ? I’m really happy for this Orba 2 but I have supported you from the Day 1 of the first Orba and no I have the feeling to be forsook and be obliged to buy a new instrument and let the first one… Thank you to have red me, thank you for your work but please don’t forget your first community.

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I got an email from Support, basically confirming there is no trade-in plan expected. Pretty disappointed to say the least. I’ll stay active on these forums to help anyone transition to greener pastures…

@Christopher: Wow, thanks! Those both look extremely cool, though obviously very much in the synth-and-looper space; they're not trying to be MPE controllers, so are only in a limited sense Orba competitors, though I suppose the increased bar length in the Orba 2 is starting to aspire to the handheld-DAW market. (That said, for $550 you could buy an Orba 2 AND an Instrument 1…)

@Nick Yeah I guess I just haven’t experienced Orba as being all that useful for MPE really… the tilt and other functions work sporadically, and then when they do it sounds like a toy, not a musical instrument.
I bought Orba specifically because it was a Synth-Loop machine…

I feel a little weird about this announcement.  While I haven't been following things super closely w/ Artiphon I've felt like the Orba was an experimental creative toy still in development.  There just seemed to be so much potential and so much inconsistent/buggy (e.g. unit crashing regularly or the Android App being very rough for example).  On a positive note, I thought OrbaSynth was really cool and I look forward to exploring it more.

With Orba 2, I'm not sure why Artiphon would keep supporting the original Orba but I certainly hope so.   I think it would be excellent to have a way to export tracks to midi.  Folks mentioned that on-board quantization would be nice.  Sure it would, but I'd take the ability to just export the songs as midi and do my own quantization in my DAW of choice.  That seems feasible even with the limitations on the Orba 1. 

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This thread has been great and I think ironically has returned to me playing around with the Orba.  I've even sussed the timing so much that I am not overly concerned about the lack of quantising.  Now that I know its not coming I can get over it for some reason.  I think if they could stabilise it and put out a firmware update that resolves the crashing I'd be happy.   Have there been any firmware updates at all?  I think with the release of the Orbasynth there is potential but I fear it will be forgotten.  It will be discontinued I am sure soon.  Overall though I fear they've just not put a powerful enough device together in the first version they've released.  At 99 dollars/pounds I wonder if they've just not been able to get things to work to make that price?  There really is not much around for that amount with the (promised) functionality.  I think the 150 price tag for the 2 is  really reasonable but of course only if it works and does not crash. Thanks for the tip on the Qun Mk2, that looks great!  Plus one on the M8 recommendation.  Its the best thing I own.   Quality control on that thing is off the chart.  £550 is a steal.  

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Totally Andy, the folks at Artiphon should look in to what Tim Lamb is doing with M8 and literally just copy his steps, one by one, and they might actually understand how to work with their consumers, and develop a customer base that would support them through any hiccups, rather than what they are doing which is saying “F*ck y’all, profit first!”

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Artiphon's Orba-1 Todolist

  1. Say a request is high on the todolist.
  2. Offer a spot on the test team.
  3. Say a request can't be done by Orba-1, but the Orba-2 can.
  4. Say the todolist is secret because you don't want to make promises you don't keep.

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