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MIDI 64 and 66

I do not have my Instrument 1 yet, ordered but on back ordered, not sure how long this will take.  I have a desire though of using my iPhone with the I1, not a MAC and being able to use a Bluetooth sustain pedal or equivalent like a MIDI Keyboard would use to allow my hands to move to different positions but still allow the notes to sustain/ring etc.  I found the Beat Bars FS2M but it is only USB.  There are Bluetooth page turners but I am not seeing how they would work with an iPhone and which music sound apps - would receive the CC 64 command or even if they can be programmed with the utility app that might come with the Air-Turner products.  Anyone figure this out - which foot pedal was purchased and got to work with which apps with an iPhone or iPAD?

Just imagine how cool and fun it would be to play a great sounding piano sound with the I1 using a sostenuto pedal for a piano!

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