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Will there be an Instrument 2

I actually thinking of buying another Instrument 1. After seeing the Sensel Morph being discontinued, I am a little worry that Instrument 1 will follow its footstep, since it appears that Artiphon is putting more resources into Orba instead of Instrument. However, being I spend the money to do that, I would like to see if there's any chance an Instrument 2 would be released any time soon. If yes, I would rather wait for it!

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I would love to see an instrument 2

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Thanks for reaching out. This is a popular question, but we have nothing new to announce at this time. 

However, if you have any feedback on how we can improve the INSTRUMENT 1 experience, we'd love to hear it 

I would definitely like to register my vote for an updated Instrument 2.  I use my son's Instrument 1 here but would consider purchasing a new version.

My biggest recommendation would be some kind of coating on the strings or other material so that there is no friction when sliding fingers.  Also, I care more about midi controller aspects and MPE than onboard sounds or speakers...that may be a minority view though.  Being mainly a guitarist, I find this to be the most useful midi controller, though I end up playing it in tap and slide mode most of the time.

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I’d be interested in an Instrument 2 as well. I do enjoy portability for fun, ideas and inspiration. However, it’s the inter-connectivity where I do my main work so MPE and MIDI are very important. The ability to connect now just to a DAW or iOS device, but to hardware synthesizers either through Bluetooth MiDI (or such adapters) or WiFI MIDI or even 3.5 adapters is something I use as well. Creating patches specifically for Instrument and modulating and them with the instrument as a MIDI controller has endless possibilities. Looking forward to hopefully seeing an Instrument 2 in the future.

A couple things that I would like to see in Instrument 2:

  1. A SDK to allow app development
  2. I understand that Instrument 1 is a device inspired by guitar, but being a digital instrument means that it doesn't have to be constrained by how a guitar works. Chords can be played with much easier finger combo than a real guitar. I mean, hundreds of chords, not just 12 chords.
  3. More ways to control expression. For example, strumming up can be programmed to send out from a different channel than strumming down.
  4. Many guitar VSTs can play different articulation when a special key is pressed. It would help if Instrument 2 can find some intuitive ways to send out those keys (programmable, of course).
  5. Wireless MIDI
  6. I love the bridge, but the material ... I am not even a professional player, and mine is already so worn out. There are a lot of scratched black powder falling out every time I play.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that it has a battery. But we all know that battery will die one day, and a soldered battery means it cannot be replaced by the user. It would be great if the battery can be replaced.
  8. Size. While I like the size a lot, the size of the Instrument 1 makes it a bit inconvenient during travel. It cannot be fit into a carry on. And, since it has a built-in battery, it can be checked. May be if the neck can be separated, it could be made to fit inside a carry on bag.

I'd like to add that since I wrote the above review, I have purchased a used Roli Seaboard Rise 25 and I absolutely love it, even as a guitarist!  However, I'd still be open to purchasing an "Instrument 2" or a "pro" version of the Instrument 1.  The material used on the Roli is so smooth, if something could be done on the new version.  I'm not suggesting silicon underneath like the Seaboard, but something that gives the fretboard less friction and more expressiveness.

This one done recently all with the Seaboard, perhaps not a great composition but shows what this "keyboard" can do.  Also this short simple one.

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1. Velocity range of plucking should be 1-127. Right now it's nowhere near that, and there's no way to fingerpick expressively.

2. Need more frets.. at least like 18. Also it would be really really helpful if the frets were spaced like an actual guitar. Some voicings are really not feasible on the Instrument 1 at the moment, at least for me.

3. Don't add more "modes". Just perfect the feel for fingerpicking and left-hand tapping. 

4. Aftertouch smoothing.

5. Body options. Portability is great but this thing is not easy to play because you can't stabilize the instrument like you can with a guitar, because there's nowhere to put your elbow on. 

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An "instrument" as in an interface for playing thousands of different vst's needs to be simple and excel at the simplicity. Roli's seaboard is a good example. It's a keyboard with MPE. It feels great. There's minimal configuration. No "modes" (other than for compatibility's sake). 

Like, don't give me an arpeggiator mode that I can't even sync with my DAW. Don't give me a "Bow mode" or even a pad mode. Don't present 5 different ways of playing this thing, when not one of them is perfect. Perfect one instrument with one mode that'll work with every vst in the world. Make it feel great. I see a lot of potential in the Instrument 1's build. I would pay $2000 for a perfected version of it. I don't want a toy. I want an instrument.

okay rant over

1. Velocity range of plucking should be 1-127. Right now it's nowhere near that, and there's no way to fingerpick expressively.

I second that. And the velocity range on the frets is even more laughable. Hammer-on, is literally, HAMMER-on.

3. Don't add more "modes". Just perfect the feel for fingerpicking and left-hand tapping. 

Yes. And, providing a SDK will let people who want more flexibility to experiment without affecting the out-of-the-box experience.

Would really like to see an Instrument 2.

  • More expressivity and feel like Roli Seaboard—that is the best playing experience I've ever had.
  • Bluetooth MIDI. The requirement for Instrument 1 to be tethered over USB ruins the experience.
  • USB-C connection. I have found the current connection to be unreliable.
  • If you can partner with Audio Modeling to get some SWAM instruments built-in, that would be a cool bonus. I own all of those plugins, but for quick setup, that could be slick.

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I agree 100%, many devices now feature BT audio and midi as standard, and both the charging port and the USB connector are intrusive when playing the I1. BT midi, if implemented on the I1 would provide so much more freedom of movement, but the need for a separate charging cable is also highly restrictive, especially given the short cables which a mostly available. The fact that the I1 needs to have a physical USB cable plus a charge cable really spoils it for me - especially when there is always the possibility of one or the other disconnecting at the worst possible moment. 

And in my case I also have to connect the output to the input of my THR10II amplifier - sad, given the fact that it has BT audio. 

I also agree that a USB C connector upgrade would make a lot of sense, since this would allow direct connection to a wider selection of devices, or maybe you could even combine the charger with the USB C port, since USB C features high speed charging. Perhaps you could think about offering this as a paid upgrade for the existing model? Provided that you offered this at a reasonable price, I would guess that many I1 owners would opt for the upgrade. 

Bluetooth MIDI. The requirement for Instrument 1 to be tethered over USB ruins the experience.
USB-C connection. I have found the current connection to be unreliable.


I really like the Instrument 1 but there are just a small number of things that would make an Instrument 2 even better:

1. Bluetooth MIDI

2. Smaller length (foldable?) to better fit in a backpack

3. More expressive and sensitive (velocity range, etc).

Sure hope it happens someday!

I like to think that Artiphon is using the Orba to try out ideas and develop a platform that can be in turn applied to other instruments, including the Instrument 1. The instrument 2 could basically be the same form factor but with an "Orba 2" inside, giving us synthesis, sampling, access to orbasynth, stems, etc. And if the Instrument 1 was continued for sale, then people who simply want a controller still have their preferred solution. But the casual musicians can now do it all that sliding and strumming on one device. And even accomplished producers have the equivalent of a "sofa guitar" they can hang out with and try new ideas *with* new timbres. Then the Instrument 3 continues this evolution by basically becoming a groove box, so you can create the entire song from the sofa. Now I'm excited -- you should hire me to work on this :-)

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Because the instrument 1 is inspired by guitar it would be cool to make the frets similar in size and scale to a full size guitar instead of only having 12 frets to play on similar in size. That would be cool to see if they make a Instrument 2.
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