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OrbaSynth Chord Preset Issues

Hi Artiphon,

I'm having trouble uploading chord presets from my Mac OrbaSynth app to my Orba 2. Once I create the preset in OrbaSynth, a series of issues occur:

1.) OrbaSynth saves it to ~/HD/Users/(username)/Library/Artiphon/Orba/Presets instead of ~/HD/Users/Shared/Artiphon/Common/Presets. Each time I create a preset, I have to manually move it to this folder from where it's created. 
Is this due to me installing the programs in different folders?

2.) OrbaSynth saves the preset as a .orbapreset file instead of a .artipreset file, so I also have to change the file extension in order for it to show up in my Orba 2 desktop app. Did this file preset extension change between the original Orba app to the Orba 2 app?

3.) I can get bass presets to work on the Orba 2, but sending/syncing the chord presets I made to my Orba 2 makes the whole unit reset. This reset also causes it to disconnect from whatever bluetooth app connection (pc or ios). All of these chord presets work perfectly fine when running in the OrbaSynth app.

Here is a link to one chord preset I cannot get to work in case it's helpful to diagnose the issue. Appreciate any feedback so I can actually use these sounds I made!

Hi Chris,

I'm pretty sure OrbaSynth only supports Orba 1 at this time (that's why it saves .orbapreset files).  This is why it saves to the Orba 1 app folder. When you save however, you can click the Export button and just save it to your desktop. Later, move it into the proper place for Orba 2 which is /Users/<Username>/Documents/Artiphon/Common/..

I've been looking at .orbapreset and .artipreset file formats very carefully and they are very similar. I would say .artipreset has grown past .orbapreset. I can see how it would work for basic Bass/Lead sounds but Chords have special data to define the Chords. This is quite different in both file formats. 

You'll likely have to copy the <SoundPreset> section out of the .orbapreset file you create and replace that in an .artipreset file that is setup closer to what Orba 2 expects. The Artiphon .artipreset files are located in /Users/Shared/Artiphon/Common/Presets

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ah i see...


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