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Orba 2 and Orba synth issues

Ok so, got my orba 2, love the design/concept and adding sampling gave me more a reason to get one but ive come across a couple issues to take note.

my first issue isnt much an issue but in beat making i was hoping it had a shake feature for the drum part like I can imagined using similar to a tambourine or maracas using the hit function and shaking...(idk how else to explain also Scuse my grammar)

the REAL issue(s) is that id like to use the Sounds I made on the Orba Synth on the Orba2, when I save a sound to port over it doesn't show up in the Orba2 app (windows), in exploring options I managed to find all of my saved synth showing up on the original orba app AND that I can save them directly onto my Orba 2 no problem However, as soon as the device is turned off and back on again all of the sounds are defaulted (funny enough the sequence remains). pls halp

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Orba 1 and 2 use different preset structures and Orbasynth cannot create presets for Orba 2 at this time.  You've discovered the current workaround but, as you've noted, Orba 2 will not retain presets created with Orbasynth.  

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@TeaJackson. I think this is because the Orba 2 doesn't get a copy of the preset and its loading it from the app. I'm curious if you click the 3 dots on the preset if it will give you the option "Send to Orba"?

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@TeaJackson. I think I'm on the track of how to make synth based Orba 2 presets (in Windows - won't be able to say how it would work on a Mac), but it's not a straightforward method and I need to work some things out still. Once I've done that I will post it on this forum.

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Thats awesome, I understand dev work is never truly done and patiently look forward to an update whenever yall get it worked out.

@subskybox Yes,so what ive found was that Orba 1 app will allow you to load Orba Synth presets onto Orba 2 and it will operate exactly as you made the preset however once you turn the device off and back on it loads whatever previous orba 2 sound set you had prior to whatever orba synth preset place

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