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Orba 2 Custom Preset Repository


This forum is intended to share Orba 2 Custom Presets amongst the Orba 2 community. NOTE: Please upload Presets as a .zip file beginning with the folder Common as described in the first post of this forum.

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I have just realised that my presets using pitch bend rely on pitch bend being set at 100%. If you have loaded any of these and found they don't work as expected that's probably the reason. Just go to the settings page and set pitch bend to 100%. Alternatively, if you don't want to reset your pitch bend then you could change the numbers in the seeker entry in the preset. Sorry, but I can't tell you what numbers you would need though.

I have found when using pitch for sliding from one note to the other a circular motion on the key gives a better sound than a straight up and down motion a subtle difference but it works. (I will shortly post a new preset with a Chinese Zheng like sound - this works well with this.)

And finally, if you have one of these presets set when you are using Orbasynth it will respond to the pitch bend (on Windows at least), however this won't be included in any resulting preset you save from the app. You would have to tinker with the preset if you wanted pitch bend in the preset.

I would love a Kalimba preset as good as the piano ones.  Anyone think this is doable?  I tried the recording thing and it only produces the right sound on a computer so whats the point of the little ball lol?

The Grand Piano preset uses 96 samples, the Electric Piano 45. Recording with the Orba uses 1.

@David Benton

Hey David,

I downloaded the zip file you shared with us ( and I think you have an Orba-1.  I have an Orba-2 and only 2 or 3 worked.  The ones with sound samples did not work at all.  But I was able to sample the sounds one at a time and created presets that did work.

The ones without sound samples looked like they were created using OrbaSynth (which is not compatible with Orba-2).  If only Artiphon would have created a users manual or fix it so that OrbaSynth would work.

I wonder what bugs people are going to find in Chorda ;)


Hi, does your python code work with Orba-2?



Yes. There is an Orba 2 folder that has all the code.

@gerald rolon

Sorry you had problems with the presets - I hope you didn't try to load them all at once! I wouldn't recommend that.

I have only ever had an Orba 2 and all the presets in that collection were taken from my Orba 2 and were working. (I made a point of doing that to avoid accidently including any of my working attempts or other files that might have errors.)

I think you may have done something wrong. I can only give any suggestions based on using the app on Windows - I don't have experience of using Macs, ipads or android. It might help if we knew what system you are using.

First thing is -  it won't work if you just copied the whole lot into the Artiphon folder in one go.

In your Artiphon folder (in your User>Documents folder) the .artipreset files should go into the Common>Presets>Lead, Chords or Bass folder as appropriate (most are leads). The images (not actually vital, but the app uses them) should go into the Common>Images folder (although I have found sometimes they need to be copied into the C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Artiphon\Common\Images folder as well - don't know why that happens!) 

If the preset uses samples, the folder containing the samples needs to go into the Common>SamplePools folder.

The suggested method for loading each preset or group of presets is to merge the common folders in each individual folder of the collection and the Common folder in the Artiphon folder, which will put them in the right place, although I have a stubborn habit of doing it by copying them by hand myself.

Once the files are copied to the right places they should show up in the app and can then be loaded onto the Orba 2 - where there are samples they will take a bit more time to load.

Hope this helps.

@gerald rolon

I read your post again and had missed your comments about the samples - that seems very strange to me unless you did something odd with the files - Windows could possibly have done unwanted things if they were opened and saved again. (Although that seems unlikely.)

It wouldn't surprise me if Android or Apple OS's do their own things with peoples files.

Rather than re-sample sounds I would suggest double checking the properties of them - Windows apparently assumes that no-one would want to use 16bit audio anymore. I use a portable version of Audacity set up to use specifically for Orba stuff.

I have also had a suspicion that updates to the app may have introduced extra checks to the format of presets which led me to try slightly adjusting a couple of artipresets - but having loaded a bunch of my older presets successfully to a new Orba 2 recently I'm less convinced about that thought.

The SynthPatch in a preset are the same in both Orba 1 and 2, however the rest is different mostly because much of it is encoded in base64(? - I'm not that technically savvy) on the Orba 1. (You probably know that!)

I use Orbasynth to work on the SynthPatch only. The rest is all taken and adjusted from existing Orba 2 presets.

@David Benton

What you described (with flashing lights, etc.) is exactly what I'm talking about.  See how a Pocket Operator (PO) from Teenage Engineering works.  That's exactly what they do.

A little light tells you which bar *and* which beat in that bar you're in.  The faster the tempo, the faster the light cycles through the buttons.

Orba does the same thing.  As you record, the light goes from pad to pad, showing you which beat you're in (but you have to keep track of the bar yourself).  The faster the tempo, the faster the light cycles through the pads.

I wonder if Orba allows me to select a slow tempo, record, and then speed up the tempo during play back.  The idea is to slow down the tempo so I can hit the right pad at the right time *and* keep track of which bar I'm in.  Then playback the recording at the intended speed.  I can do this with the PO.

Where are the user drum presets and corresponding sampled sounds stored on the hard drive?

I was expecting here:


and here:


but I can't find my drum presets.

Regardless, you can make you own.  See attached file for sampled drum sounds.



(1.79 MB)

@gerald rolon - ah now you're getting beyond my experience. I think you can record a "song" on the orba and play it at a different speed, but I confess I hardly ever try recording anything on the Orba. (Actually, I find it can be even harder to keep a beat when it's too slow. But keeping a beat is not my strong suite, as my friends have told me frequently and at length.)

@gerald rolon

The Public\Documents\Artiphon folders contain the Artiphon produced content - your own will be in YourUsername\Documents\Artiphon. I would recommend backing that up occasionally, partly for convenience - it can be useful to refer back to them sometimes. 

@gerald rolon

Thanks for the kind comments, it's appreciated. Although I'm not sure I'm keen on the idea of using them in other ways (I don't actually mind you doing it though). The idea of making the HangDeep presets was to take advantage of the similarities between the layout of the Hangdrums with the Orba's - which the drum mode allows. It's something others have wanted from the Orba.

By the way, your understanding of 4x4 devices is not right - the "grid" is just a set of buttons which can trigger various notes, samples or control messages to the DAW (or software). The patterns themselves are really just virtual sets of data about when events should happen, which can be visualised by the the software on the devices screen (if it has one) or on the computer screen. Usually, I think the only way the pattern might represented on the 4x4 grid  is to show  a row of buttons flashing to indicating which beat of a bar it is on. 

(For me, the biggest consideration is whether the buttons can be customised to work in a way I would like to use, which they mostly probably don't! The product descriptions rarely seem to tell me enough of what I want to know.)

@David Benton

Thanks for the Hang Deep preset.  I like it.

Ditto for Zen Cheng.

Keep making presets.  I can sample those sounds into my PO-33 and Ableton.  So...., your preset sounds will lead a triple life in in another environment ;)

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