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Unresponsive, nothing works

I have a new Orba 1 and it is unresponsive.  I can't follow any of the recommended fixes.  When I open the Orba app on my Mac, there is no place to choose USB as the connection type, and the Orba isn't seen.  I've also tried pressing minus and power for 15 seconds, to no avail.  

No idea what to do.  It worked for about an hour.  Now it's a brick.  Thanks for any help.

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Try this:

1) Completely shut down the Orba by holding Volume- while you hold the Power button for 15 seconds.

2) With the Orba disconnected, navigate to this screen:

Connect the Orba and start it in DFU mode, by holding Volume+ before you hold the Power key

4) Drag a downloaded copy of the latest Orba firmware .zip to the  cloud icon.

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