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My only computer is an Android

Can someone please confirm the following ... My only computer is an Android. I believe that it is NOT possible to connect an Android device to an Orba 2 using a hack such as the following in order to update the firmware on the Orba 2 or transfer song files from the Orba 2 to the Android device. Or by any other means. - mount the Orba 2 as a Bluetooth drive - mount the Orba 2 as a network drive - mount the Orba 2 as a USB drive - force a factory reset to reimage the Orba 2, but substitute an alternate path for the image location that points to a location with current firmware - build a custom cable to accomplish any of the suggestions above - perform a Vulcan nerve pinch that forces the Orba 2 to phone home to freshen it's firmware - connect a flash drive containing a firmware update and use a key combination to course it to boot from the drive and perform an update with files on the drive. Thanks, Bruce Prospective buyer (... , and non-musician, wishing to acquire an Orba 2 in order to learn how to play it as my first musical instrument in order to open new learning pathways in my brain, and compose with it in order to exercise my creativity, both as therapy for my Parkinson's)
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Hey Bruce, if you don't have a computer that meets the system requirements, we recommend using a friend or family member's computer to do occasional firmware updates.  

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