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How to restore orba2 to its original presets

Unfortunately I tried the impossible app and I want to restore it to its original straight out of the box settings…how do I get rid of the junk from the app and get it to its original form?

I'm not sure what you mean by "the impossible app" but it seems that the desktop app contains somewhere within it the "junk" you refer to and syncs it to the Orba - these presets can't be deleted.

Like you I guess ,I don't like most of the elements included by default - that's part of why some of us have started creating our own presets for the Orba. (All the he ones I've made can be deleted if not wanted - and most of those made by others also - though I think there are one or two that have not been set to allow deleting.) If you sync your orba to a phone app items you have added in the desktop app will get added to the phone app.

The issue of the lack of a way of doing a factory preset has been raised before to no effect as far as  I know. I don't think a safe way of removing stuff has been discovered either.

The best help I can offer is to always refuse to "Send to Orba" unless you are sure you want it on your Orba


Presets can be synth based or sample based - synth based presets take up little storage space on the Orba. Sample based presets take up rather more space -  though on the few that I've made I've tried hard to minimize that.

There are other reasons a reset function would be useful apart from clearing our unwanted stuff so it is a real shame that Artiphon haven't provided one.

@katie can we please have some info of whats up with the development? are there any roadmaps? could we also get to know some cool secrets stop hogging the secrets katie pls halp
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