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Fingerboard noises and vocals

Hey fellow I1 users,
I'm learning to play the instrument to accompany myself in a songwriter way, with vocals being recorded on one audio track and an added MIDI track for the virtual guitar. Now I noticed my vocal mic does pick up of a lot of the fingerboard noises, especially during intense strumming. Now my question: 

Do you simply accept these noises as part of the instrument, the same way you would accept typical sounds of a "real" guitar? But obviously these rubber grip sounds are not as musically coded to an average listener... I just wonder if I perhaps need a mic that picks up less of them. Or simply re-record the vocals a second time when the music is in place?

Probably your best bet is buying a new mic, or keeping the mic closer to your face when singing. Not sure what the otptions are on iOS but on windows there are lots of settings and filteres you can apply to the mic to block out the fretboard strum noise and not the vocal. 

I think I kind of found a solution. I realized I don't have to tug the fretboard rubbers as hard, they can be played lightly, which makes them barely appear in a recording.
But I have another follow up question about the longevity of the Instrument 1: I worry about material failure a lot with this expensive device. Has anyone had it for a couple of years and can tell me if any sensors failed or if the rubber things have perhaps come off? 

What is the life expectancy of the physical components? I worry less about the battery than how much hard handling this thing can withstand.

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