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Chorda frozen

Just got my Chorda, it was working fine. Now I can't turn it off and none of the buttons work

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Mine too--just got a few hours ago! same thing-- blue & green lights frozen, won't shut off

Mine won't turn on, green charging light blinking.

@Michiel - try holding the power button down for over 1 second (as it says in the manual)

@Michael Masley-

(It will probably apply to the Chorda as well.)

I tried that. I had just been using my Chorda to drive Garage Band and it was suddenly with all the lights that work. (The one near the power switch does not operate, working toward an exchange) 

What I did just now was this.

- Let it be for a while.

- re - connect via USB to MacBook

- Let it be for a while.

- After several tries to just hold down the power button, etc. I tried holding down the Volume down button and the Power Button and suddenly, the Chora woke up.

This is interesting.

@david benton of course i tried that as well. The Chorda is not turning on regardless of how long I press the power button and support does not respond to emails.

Same Blue/green firmware is bricked. I just submitted a ticket. Hopefully someone gets back to us.

Artiphon should answer this - but it seems that they won't (whether they will respond to your ticket may be a different thing). This is the info they do offer otherwise:

Holding the volume down button and then holding down the power button as well (perhaps for as long as 15 secs)  may be necessary to get out of it. The blue/green light state indicates that the Chorda is expecting firmware incoming. A boot looping state is a more serious problem.

I have a Chorda that only sometimes boots up - it can take 10 or so attempts, but sometimes it will start up first time. The holding the two buttons method turns it off from the stuck state (all red lights) it gets to.

That Chorda seems to do better when it's a bit warmer (my home is not a very warm place) after it does boot it's OK. (I have another that boots properly warm or cold.)

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