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Midi Connect and app

 Hi, I'd like to run MIDI software or an app. I kinda spent my budget on the Chorda and now even cheaper (I know, what you pay for you get).

I have reaper on a MacBook, but can't get it to connect as a MIDI DAW. I have to use an older version of Garageband because I am running MAC OS Catalina and can't seem to upgrade without buying a new MacBook.

Does anyone know of a Freeware or CrowdSourced app/program that will run on a MacBook running Catalina?

Guidance on how to connect it would be fantastic.


Is there a version of DEXED that runs on your MacBook? I use it on my PC and it is free

You can connect the Chorda to your MacBook Reaper via BT MIDI. Turn on BT on the Chorda, then click the BT icon at the top of the MIDI Studio window and you should see Chorda on the list of devices.

Remind me please how to turn on BT, please.

Use the Artiphon Connect App or Audio MIDI Studio -> Bluetooth on the Mac. It's all explained in the Chorda User Guide, available at

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